Yannis Gallianos: 23 Reasons Why He's Taking Legal Action Over His Father's Death

In a new post on social media, Yiannis Kallianos listed his reasons for deciding to take legal action after his father's death.

In his post on Friday night, New Democracy MP and meteorologist Yiannis Kallianos explains in detail why he wants to pursue his father's death case to the end and take legal action.

In his message, among others, he addresses the management of the “Atticone” hospital, pointing out that after all this they rushed to support the doctor who saw him without knowing anything. Indeed, as he usually notes, there are other reasons to honor his father and those who died prematurely in hospitals.

Reasons for Yiannis Kallianos to take legal action

1. Administration of “Atikon” Hospital
2. Board of Directors of the Professional Association of Vascular Surgeons of Greece (EEAE).
3. Medical School of EKPA
4. President of POEDIN

Who immediately (why?) rushed to support the professor who was responsible for “watching” my father, not even for a second in the room where he was being treated?
To know it:

(a) Any time my father's thumb, which is in danger of life, would have been in a simple bed, with a curtain drawn, next to another patient, and not in an operating room, the environment would have been. Absolute sterility. Normal bed hernia? Are we at war?

(b) My father, who was perfectly lucid, was not asked to sign a consent to operate on a simple bed, that is, a terminally ill person suffering from seizures (or any other complication). Time due to disconnection. Was the consent of another relative sought? No.

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(c) In the presence of a strict law on medical confidentiality, detailed and public disclosure of my father's ailments by the administration is an offence.

(d) Operations on such patients are not performed in a single bed with other patients because of the risk of transmission of germs in such non-sterile environment.

(c) The professor kept telling us in every tone and every second that my father was doing well and he would be out of the hospital in a few days. There are news.

(f) The professor did not tell us until the very last moment of my father's “exit” that he was worried about his health and adamantly refused to transfer him to the ICU (even to another hospital) or admit him to the hospital. Platform He goes to ICU but without intubation.

(g) 1st and 2nd year medical students will be the supervisors of various specialties at regular intervals to see if my father's concentration is good or excellent specialist and due to his wear and dozens of other problems. .

(h) The professor has no knowledge of vascular surgery and no knowledge of cardiology, pulmonology or any other specialty, so every day my dad keeps telling us that we are “doing better” when we can't breathe.

(i) My father was suffering from pulmonary fibrosis for many years and they questioned that too.

(j) My father's life will be extended if he spends 7 full days on his knees begging the professor, if my father is in intensive care in a simple vascular surgery bed with a face mask and antibiotics. Maintenance unit to control all his organs at once.

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(Q) The Health Minister (who, to his credit, wanted to be fully informed) was told in all tones by the administration that my father was fine and his exams were very good.

(l) I have recorded countless SMS messages and voicemails in which I am pleading with the administration and the professor to take my father to ICU or ICU because he cannot take it, they told me. The protocol does not allow someone to go to the ICU without inhalation. So someone has to die first to go to the ICU. And my father was not allowed to inhale, he had to die.

(m) They did a chest x-ray on my father and didn't notice the “shadow” in the lungs that indicated some type of infection that my brother saw, and then they agreed and were forced to give him a second antibiotic?

(n) My brother would go and put paper tapes on my father's mask and cover the holes so he could get some more oxygen.

(ΞΎ) My brother, cardiologist-arrhythmologist scientist, international profession, 8 masters, PhD and 4 years specialized in France, saves people every day, explains what to do and what not to do with letter and clinical arguments. Not done right.

(o) ICU Director of Attica Hospital had no idea what was going on for so many days.

(p) When my father had a seizure and essentially “passed out”, he was immediately seen in the ICU and injected with “Thiatin” with the doctors following the “protocol” you go to the ICU. Must be intubated first, directors of other ICUs shout the opposite, you can go to ICU without being intubated.

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(p) Coordinating Director of the 2nd ICU of Papanikolaou Hospital, Thessaloniki, Mr. Nikos Kabravelos spoke on Live News about my father's death and said in words: “Things were not done right. This patient wanted more care. It is wrong to inject a patient at this age, but we have the means to help him. Patients are unjustly lost. From the first moment, if I were Dr. , he will go to the ICU, without intubation. In Greece, ICU is on three missions, so it is a medical mistake to leave a patient in a simple ward. A patient with underlying diseases will fall into a life-threatening situation within 2-3 days, if he enters It will be blocked.

(p) We never asked my father to inhale because we knew he wouldn't do it if he went there. We requested ICU or ICU without inhalation.

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