Barcelona – Olympiakos: “Reds and Whites” with Petruse in Game 2

Filip Petrusev will attend Olympiakos' game 2 against Barcelona for the Euro League play-offs. Goal of Barcelona: Constantinos Meles.

The Olympics After a “double” in Game 1 against him BarcelonaIt will line up with the same 12 in the second game of its playoff series Euroleague. By Philip Petrushev He remained in the starting 12, though he left just seconds before the end of Game 1.

Petrusev fell miserably and left with a right knee problem, but His tests on Thursday morning (25/4) were clean. So, even though he didn't train with the rest of the team yesterday, he was normally available Giorgos Bartzokas and to see its readiness.

Olympiakos will play without stress after the break, but will do everything possible to leave with 0-2. A score that eases things in terms of continuity of the SEF series during Holy Week.

We remind you that there are no “red and white” leaders in Barcelona, Kostas Papanikolaou Due to the illness that affected him, 12 also left the team Naz Mitrou Long, Michalis Loundzis and Giorgos Tanoulis.

Olympiakos' depth chart for Game 2 with Barcelona

  • PG: Walkup, Williams Cos
  • SF: McKissick, Brazdeikis
  • PF: Peters, Petrusev, Shigma
  • C: Fall, Milutinov, Wright
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