Journalists “died” the great philosopher.

Thriller In the last hours whether a great theoretician and philosopher died or not, Noam Chomsky.

Chomsky suffered Paralysis A year ago, his wife recently revealed. As reported by Valery Chomsky, the right side of her husband’s body was affected due to a stroke.

Writer Martin Zanello wrote about “The Death of Noam Chomsky” in X — among other things. Then there were several denials, while several media outlets “picked up” the post.

“Noam Chomsky has passed away. I was thinking of him this morning when I wrote a post asking my readers if they knew a living philosopher who deserved that title. I thought only of him. I can’t think of anyone now. A great man, and we must keep his memory and work alive!” ” Gianello wrote.


«Notes That Noam Chomsky passed away There islie“, it tells me His wife is ValeriaChris Luft, ABC journalist, said the above in his post.

«They are goodValeria Chomsky is said to have told him after news of the great philosopher’s passing spread online.

“Chomsky He didn’t die. I spoke with his wife Valeria,” wrote Brazilian journalist Cao Signor Ameni.

“Noam Chomsky He still lives! At 3:41 p.m. Today, June 18, 2024, Noam Chomsky’s wife Valeria confirmed to me that his health has improved. Rumors of his death are false,” said Jose M. Santana, MIT Research Associate (Noam Chomsky) 2003 – 2019 / Economist. He also uploaded Screenshots From his conversation with Valeria Chomsky.

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