Murder in the New World: Who was the 44-year-old “Ham” killed by 97 bullets?

A man known to the Attica Security offices was the victim of a mafia execution in Neo Cosmos in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police officers at the gas station at the intersection of Ilias Ilios and Frantzis streets found dead 44-year-old Vangelis Zampounis and the executioners' Kalashnikovs left behind with 97 7.62mm diameter shells around him.

In this way, another deadly deal was “sealed” at night and in the area of ​​the Greek mafia.

They wanted him dead

Vangelis zambounis, or “ham” executioners as they were known in the night, wanted to be sure they would hit their target, so they used more than one weapon, as experienced police officers noted.

After all, the victim survived a similar mafia attack in Piraeus 5 years ago, when a Kalashnikov jammed and fired only 4 bullets at him, seriously wounding him, but the doctors in Genio, where he was taken. Keep him in Zoe.

They waited for the right moment

This time in Neo Cosmos, the criminals executed their plan with precision, studying the equipment and the victim's movements.

Officers had at least three guns with them when they collected a total of 97 bullets from the road around the gas station.

They also knew the vehicle the 44-year-old was driving was an armored vehicle. So they waited for the right moment to find Vangelis Zambounis in a weakened state outside the vehicle, and they surprised him.

In fact, according to police sources, the victim did not have time to use the weapon he had and instead tried to hide it behind the luxury car he used for his trips.

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His past

The 44-year-old was known to the authorities for his participation in an extortion group operating in Hydari, Koridalos and Klyfada, but also in the Greek mafia.

After the trial of the Panakopoulos kidnapping case, the name of a protected witness – a relative of a known criminal – who allegedly carried out a death contract targeting appellants' leader, Paraskevi Kalitsi, was named.

As “Litza” testified, he met Zambounis in Metamorphosi in September 2012 and took him to Kalitzi's house. In fact, when he told him that the head of the appellants was with a police officer, he replied that he would also leave with her.

But the plan to kill the judge did not materialize as Vangelis Zambounis was arrested for weapons possession in November of the same year.

Also, in a case file drawn up by Attica Security, Vangelis Zambounis is mentioned in 2009 for the murder of 29-year-old Maria Caffiri in a pastry shop in Kaminia, but also for the murder of her friend Katerina Anagnostaki – Katerina Bellamafia. She became known on social networks and they performed in Kifisia in September 2018.

They are looking for information about the criminals

The accused left the scene of the murder in a luxury gray jeep.

Police found a similar vehicle in Schistos, near Daphne, believed to be the vehicle in which the Mafia hanged Vangelis Zambounis in Neo Cosmos.

The particular LEXUS car was found by the Greek police half an hour after the incident, but it was completely burnt and the police had difficulty in finding its details.

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Police believe they may have set fire to cover their tracks and fled in another vehicle in an unknown direction.

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