The white tower was painted red

The White Tower was illuminated in red on the occasion of World Thalassemia Day. The lighting of the White Tower was attended by many people, as well as members of the “Source of Life” association.

With a central message “Don’t hesitate. Donate the joy of life”, “Life Source” of Association for Promoting Voluntary Blood Donation and Friends of Mediterranean Anemia sends a wonderful message of awareness with the aim of increasing the number of blood donors in our country.

“People suffering from Mediterranean anemia now need special treatment and proper and planned blood transfusions,” said Vasilis Timos, president of the Greek Thalassemia Society.

In red famous monuments and buildings in 65 countries

Regarding the illumination of the city’s well-known monument in red, he emphasized, “This move is inspired by the World Thalassemia Federation, whereby the 65 member states light up buildings and monuments that are reference points in each country on that date. It is celebrated as World Thalassemia Day” and “all these buildings are red tonight.” “We want to change color and this way we want to give a global message for Thalassemia Day.”

The event is being commemorated as part of the Thalassemia International Federation – TIF campaign “Bring the Thalassem to Light”.

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