A 31-year-old man went missing in Mesolonghi: a third man – the key – was called to testify

One The third person is the key She was called to testify in the case A 31-year-old man has gone missingFor whom missing 10th day.

It's about a person Belongs to the butcher's friendly atmosphere Who was the last person to see a missing person before all traces of him disappeared?

The man will be called to testify because a data recovery of the butcher's cell phone revealed a conversation with him that reportedly took place at a contentious moment in the case.

Investigations are now focused on the Evniochori plain, as that is where traces from the butcher's mobile led authorities, but there is also video footage showing his car moving in the area.

Besides, forensic labs are examining the missing person's old device and another mobile phone found in the wider area.

Kalliakmanis: “There is a mysterious person who can provide the solution”

For his part, Giorgos Kalliakmanis, head of the police authorities of South-Eastern Attica, spoke about the case of the 31-year-old, among other things, about a “mysterious person” who could offer a solution. A 50-year-old butcher.

Victim of a crime?

from Family The 31-year-old now takes it for granted Babis is the victim of a crime, The missing man's father says there are people who know what happened.

Investigations by the authorities are also focused The area below the airportThere is a solar park where the camera detected a 50-year-old car.

Meanwhile, the search for the 31-year-old will continue in a wider area Medium length has Kill Layer and criminal investigations.

His sister's request

For her part, the 31-year-old sister appealed to anyone with information that could help her find her brother to contact authorities.

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“What I want to say is to appeal, anyone who is afraid and unwilling, anonymously to our friend, relative or security, let them say anything. Don't be afraid, because what happened to us can happen to anyone,” he said.

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