Apostolos Litras: His Ex-Wife Arrested in Evolpitan – Arrested After Current Wife’s Case

The ex-wife of Apostolos Lytra was recently brought to the court of the former Evelpidon school, he was arrested in the background of arbitrary procedure after the case filed against him by the accused lawyer’s wife, for various crimes such as threats, moral writer Mr. Insults with Lytra and disturbs the peace of the house.

A prominent criminologist accused of brutally assaulting his 37-year-old wife is wanted under the same automatic process.

Sofia Polyjokopoulos, the victim of a brutal attack, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday night against the ex-wife of a lawyer who and one of her daughters broke into the 37-year-old’s home in Caracas, resulting in Ms. When she saw them she got scared and pressed the panic button. Later, the woman fainted and patrol cars and ambulances immediately rushed to the scene and took the trio to the Gerakas police station.

Aggrieved Advocate: Advocate’s terms have been breached

According to Ms Polijokopoulou’s lawyer, Themi Sophos, last night, a police officer who was on guard at the house, Mr. Although Litra’s ex-wife and daughter tried to prevent him from entering the courtyard of the house with the keys they had, they did not back down and created an episode. In fact, the 37-year-old allegedly pressed the panic button installed by authorities on his mobile phone.

“There was tension, insults were heard. Her father (S.S. aged 37) came out and led them away. My client fainted from her agitation as an abused woman with behavior that can only be described as animal instinct,” said Mr. Sophos said in a phone call to Open. When Ms Polyzogopoulou called him, he instructed her to press the panic button.

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“In fact, a patrol car arrived immediately and they joined the Caracas police station. The appeal leads to an arbitrary procedure,” said Mr. Sophos said.

According to him, because the ban on intercourse and approach imposed by the lawyer was not respected, Mr. Litras is sought after in the range of Autoforum. In particular, he should not have the keys or add Ms. Polisokopoulos to the group on Viber, and his relatives should not visit his wife’s house without her consent.

“The victim shared the messages against her will, which is a violation of the terms”

Redeemer Apostle

About the group Mr. Sophos noted that the chancellor joined against his will. Mr.Litras and partner participated in it.

“The victim became a recipient of messages against her will, which is a violation of norms,” ​​asserted the victim’s lawyer, adding that the messages were of a duress nature. “There are messages that will be brought to the attention of the investigator,” he pointed out.

What was written in the message – what Litra’s lawyer says

The message in the Viber group chat was sent by Lytra’s office, and according to Skye it read: “I’m sending my daughter, I’m giving her my money and my clothes! Immediately!”.

“No threat message”

From Ransom’s side, it is pointed out that there is no threatening message or violation of restriction conditions. Petros Pantasis, Mr. Litra’s lawyer, as previously stated: “I want to stress this, there was no threatening message and no threats. Mr. Litras would never do that. […] I spoke to him and the man told me he woke up and saw the destruction. He didn’t understand what had happened.”

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Mr. Pantazis (Action24) said that no restrictions were violated by Apostolos Lytras and that there was information about visits to the house of his ex-wife and lawyer in Kerakas.

“Mr. There is a condition that Laitra should not leave his residence and be intimate with his wife. To go inside, he has to take his personal belongings. His ex-wife and daughter were tipped off by another security colleague to pick up the items, and to their surprise, a case was registered.

He added: “No matter what happened, the regulations were not breached. He sent men to take his own belongings, and he had to take his clothes, and that was where his house was, so that he would not associate with his wife and not be intimate with her.

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