A minor called “100” saves his mother from his 50-year-old father

A new serious case of domestic violence concerns authorities in Thessaloniki, where the victim is a 44-year-old mother and her minor son and the perpetrator is a 50-year-old with a criminal past.

Following this, the person was arrested yesterday complaint His 15-year-old son told the police, in which he duly described Malpractice He and his mother accept from the 50-year-old accused.

According to the information, the reason for the call Immediate action He was informed by a family friend that his mother was at their home and was not in a good psychological state. Minor, experienced many incidents Domestic violence, was alarmed and called for immediate action. When he explained to the authorities, he felt that his mother was in danger and his father was not around to protect him from him, so he sought the help of the police. The Less age He explained to police that he and his mother were 50-year-old victims of domestic violence, and police immediately began arresting him.

Man, from the beginning AlbaniaWednesday morning was taken to the public prosecutor, who continued to file criminal charges against him for domestic bodily injury and bodily injury to a minor, simple and dangerous, he was referred to the Autoforo three-member misdemeanor trial. Court of Thessaloniki.

According to information, Mr Accused He has served jail time in the past when he was flagged for a crime. When questioned by the police, the woman said that she did not want her husband to be prosecuted, however, these were officially prosecutable offences.

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