A “rested” voting machine!

There is no such thing as a “rest” vote. Elections are elections. The invention of the “loose” vote is a well-developed mechanism for blowing the political wind into a united opposition. If New Democracy “slips” below 30%, it will be considered a loser in the European elections. The government will ask that the people do not approve of it! So dawn on Monday will see Greece in the pre-election period, barely a year after the dual national elections…

Let's imagine the setup of TV night. Ministers defend themselves by apologizing. Their arguments should be treated as excuses. And the “Kasselagites”, “Androulagites” and “Velopoulos” celebrate the defeat of Mitsotakis. The debate will be less about ND's poll percentage and the decision to form the opposition. On the other hand, a certain “spectacular” percentage of Kasselakis cannot be ruled out.

I accept your hypothetical answer. Because I imagine that on Sunday, June 9, voter Mitsotakis will have to “swallow” his opposition? So will he miss an opportunity to send a message that he is not satisfied with the government's decisions? And finally, how would Mitsotakis perceive popular discontent if he was not “hurt” by the electoral results of the European elections? Isn't it better to express dissatisfaction with “painless” European elections?

All counter arguments are reasonable and acceptable. As a matter of principle, we as citizens are free to do whatever we want. We know that our vote creates the political outcome and shapes the political scene. Our society is unstable. We are easily excited, easily bored, and even more easily put off trying something that seems appealing to us. We consume politics with the same habits as any other commodity.

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In my opinion, we should not vote against in the upcoming European elections. I suggest you give Mitsotakis another chance and wait until he comes to his senses. I would say that apolitical jokes do not contribute to creating a political environment in which absolute dominance prevails. Let's not give due opportunity to the instability that the Prime Minister claims, but to a fluidity that he might be tempted to dare not demand of him.

After going through the four-year “plan” in its entirety, we will reserve our final verdict.

I recently left feeling that a strong result for New Democracy of 33% or more would be decisive in shaping the reality that some seek to serve their interests.

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