The former guerrilla will have a sequel

Kyriakos Mitsotakis is on the brink of a split five years into his government with two blue-collar former prime ministers, Antonis Samaras, who is active in parliament first, and Kostas Karamanlis, who has reclusive himself. Politically, the Leave ND vote in the winter of 2023

After the collusion of Samaras and Karamanlis at the Maximos Palace War Museum – harshly criticizing the government and wanting to show calmness beyond expectations, government and party officials are searching for answers to the next new democratic scene. day

Typically, they decode direct or indirect scenes of two former endeavors… and project them into the future. For its part, the prime ministerial environment dismisses the possibility of a ping pong game of “leaks” – let alone a direct confrontation – under the worry of a worsening domestic climate, but even given the double whammy. Not publicly acknowledged: on the one hand, for the personal tones of a messianic politician for Mitsotakis, when the Macedonian sent his own warnings, on the other hand, for reports on national issues.

Assessments of executives from each neo-democratic imitator converge on two points:

First, the ex-guerrilla has continuity, albeit with different attitudes. They note that Samaras “downloaded” his own right-wing political platform and directly declared his “presence” in the developments (not interested in “high offices”, as he said, photographing the presidency. ), concluding that he would be at the forefront of pressure at every opportunity.

This not only means recording dissent in future votes in Parliament, but also taking a position in advance of the next political stake. “If necessary, what political alliances will it form, with whom, and in what ideological direction?” He wondered meaningfully.

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Second, the ND’s recent dismal electoral record has released concentrated grievances, or “voices” that feel marginalized. Therefore, they estimate that Samaras and Karamanlis wanted to appear as defenders of the sect’s traditional views. They say “Now, what can I say?” By Karamanlis, as soon as he ascends the stage after Samaras, to infer the Macedonian’s disposition to show that he agrees with Messenius. Although officials on the Samaritan side said the two formers meant almost the same thing, government officials perceived different motives and strategies.

“We do not comment”

Pavlos Marinakis, who attended the event, did not comment at all the day before yesterday, while yesterday he insisted that “we do not comment on the statements or speeches of former prime ministers” (Vanam 100.3). But there were immediate answers: “The so-called expansionist strategy is a roadblock (…) we are defending national interests without crowns and populists (…) The government was elected a year ago with a strong mandate.” Meanwhile, other executives took up the mantle.

Following Samaras’ statement that Greece was accepting “one humiliation after another” in the national sphere, Giorgos Gerapetritis (“Economist”) said that foreign policy is being pursued in the form of “authority, principles and rules”. He emphasized the importance of a “dialogue path” without excessive claims, especially for the Greek-Turkish approach: “I am sorry for anyone who does not understand the value of real data (…) because when an accident occurs in the Aegean, there will be no VAR to fix it ».

Minister of State Makis Voridis ND has no internal problems, jokingly commented (Parapolitika 90.1) that he feels uncomfortable sitting between Aphrodite Latinopoulou and Vassiliki Thanou, Dora Bakoyannis assessed (Sky) Samaras “testified his personal bitterness. In fact he was not “played” (… ) after getting 41% of the national elections he might have wanted to make his criticism, but he couldn’t”.

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