AEK: It works perfectly and looks like it’s moving forward!

Union’s machinery to strengthen the squad is in full swing, with Moorish winger, Stragosa, Correia and all other positions fit…

This emerged from the July report This will be a full and completely active month for her AEK and its transcriptional complications. However, this does not mean that August … will die! More than we learn. “Yellow and Black” is moving on many fronts after last year’s quiet summer, with minimal additions, this year’s data is completely different and requires reinforcement at higher levels. The AEK We remind you that the qualification phase is now working in the Netherlands, but at the end of August it will be fully strengthened in more than 6 locations, as the update is being tried everywhere.

Initially with the goalkeeper position Brignoli is already in the Netherlands And this I yelled as he got closer. As for the international Albanian goalkeeper, he is You first read Federico Pastorello’s deal with Brentford here. The Italian agent then proceeded to complete the process AEK He managed to convince the 29-year-old goalkeeper to return to Greece and Athens on his behalf. If nothing else, if his takeover goes through, the union will have achieved its goal, which is usually an upgrade to the lower ranks.

At the same time, AEK’s left-wing attack continues with Koidas Since his name has been published by the Belgian media, you have to prioritize it. In fact, according to the report, his case works perfectly AEK It looks like he’s moving forward to finish it, it’s close, there’s a general desire to work together with the Moorish player and Sid Truden talks a lot about it. Good thing for the union in the case (and for Milson who wasn’t cut but his agent didn’t make a meeting in Athens AEKHe’s not even here, he says) it’s with him Amrabad (He can go to matches with Velez, Eliasson on the left) will also be available Kazinovic Turn, time is on her side!

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Goalkeeper upgrade and… Tapia

It doesn’t apply to the forward thing and the team has to run and I don’t know The case of Joaquin Correa It is one that can end very quickly. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but things haven’t been easy for the 30-year-old Argentine striker either. Of course the Union’s mission to roast him was made easier by O AlmeidaBut more Brignoli Who knows, he’s coming though I flew lived together LazioEven more Perera However, he knows that this does not change the financial facts of the case. AEK He knows them and is still working on them. As Marios Iliopoulos said at the press conference, this could be a great event to engage the world and work on the Chosen One background (which we have)!

“Are we done?”, you might ask. The answer is definitely not. Reinforcement is of utmost importance at the fronts of ever-present security Odupajo He likes Mathias Almeida Fair enough (but AEK hasn’t taken him yet, of course, he doesn’t have a 1 million contract with Aris) but not only that, otherwise the team would have already bought him. When both the right winger and the left winger receive a player, it is wide open to the fifth stopper after not advancing. Cheese. From what I’ve heard, it’s not excluded that the team will run for a player who can play stopper and defensive midfielder, for example. TapiaReleased by the Peruvian international ace want, His teammates confused him with AEK.

Where there is a need, there is a front AEK To this day, he is the only one with him Levi Garcia… The team needs to strengthen the offensive line and positioning is the biggest need of all after goalkeeper, however, already has. Brignoli. He will get it done quickly, but will be able to formally complete it on July 1st. Lots of work for everyone AEK Not only that, as we are already among the 100 players checked by the Argentine coach (imagine how many have been seen by the scouting team and management to reach 100 for encouragement)!

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