Farmers return to blocks

Phase out of Thessaloniki and return to their constituenciesFarmers, breeders, fishermen and beekeepers of Central Macedonia in Akrotika are thriving.

The farmers have been protesting for the past few days and have announced that they will not budge. With their general meetings they will decide their next movesThey also expressed their displeasure over the Prime Minister's announcements about the cost of production – the “crush” -.

“These announcements do not respond to the fundamental problem we have raised and do not give us the opportunity and perspective to continue farming and living in our villages.” Risos Marudas, President of the United Federation of Agricultural Societies of Larissa said.

On Tuesday, Pan-Hellenic groupings will meet in Nice Determine next stepsFarmers returning to their areas from Agrotika are expected to decide in the next few days whether to erect roadblocks or reinforce existing barricades.

At noon on Saturday, farmers from all over Greece headed towards the Agrotika fair, joining other tractors without blocking the road.

In a symbolic gesture of protest, they threw chestnuts and apples on the road. They said their products were damaged and they were not compensated.

“Tax free agricultural oil. The millions he says he gives to what we say is a reduction in production costs are crumbs. Similarly for rural electricity, the ceiling is 7 minutes per kilowatt hour. If he solves them it will relieve the cost of production. Costas Tselas, president of the agricultural associations of Cordica, underlined.

Peasant rally in Thessaloniki


It is noteworthy that in the coming days The first aid station opens Additional aid for farmers affected by Hurricane Daniel. 5,000 euro in case of serious damage and 10,000 euro in case of very serious damage.

Also, it will be announced within a month Credit Scheme for FarmersAs part of their support activities.

Farmers are on the streets in Imatia, Bella and Byria

In Imathia, Pella and Pieria, those in the primary sector are lined up in the agricultural meetings they have set up and with their general meetings they will decide the next position, which also depends on the results as stated in the APE-MPE. This will be done at their nationwide meeting in Nikaya Larisa.

The agricultural block at Malgari junction – tractors lining the exit to Thessaloniki – is today indicated to be on the rise, with farmers, breeders and reinforcements from Rahia, Valmada, Halastra and Atendros. Number of places they go out with agricultural vehicles of primary sector.

As they say, announcements by the Prime Minister and government officials in favor of the primary sector “They take aspirins to ease their pain a little bit.” And they do not respond to their well-founded claims.

New blocks in Agrinio, Astros and Chania

Farmers and breeders of Etolokarnania line up tractors in Ermitsa Agrinio to set up a new block.

They are already coordinating with constituents of the Panhellenic team to decide their next moves. The point of index exclusion is EO Acrinio-Thermos.

At the same time, the farmers are protesting by motor vehicles Astros Kinorias. This is the second mobilization in as many days.

Finally, it was blocked in large fields Sania farmers meeting Joined their voices on Monday morning (05/02) with their colleagues in other parts of Greece.

The Board of Directors of the United Federation of Agricultural Societies of Sania Province, with its announcement, invites all farmers to participate and demand effective measures to protect their income.

Farmers are asking for a change in the ELGA regulation, a comprehensive amortization program under the responsibility of the state, and a tax-free limit to reduce production costs and compensate for lost income, in favor of olive non-fruiting with 200 euros per hectare. 12,000 euros, increased by 3,000 euros for each child.

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