Document: Wild death “fights” on the beach, avenues and… on the national highway

continues”Death matches“In the evenings Coastal. MEGA brings to light VideoDocument shows that Sudden competitions Which drivers go Dangerous maneuversChange lanes and even go against the current.

The driver applies the handbrake, locks the rear wheels and coasts. is going From one stream to another When entering the opposite, it violates the dual division. And all these were uploaded on the internet.

In Another video, the older, motorcyclist enters the opposite stream at high speed. Another whistles and ignores a red traffic light.

What the driving instructor says

“With some actions, like speed limit recording systems and the police, we are in the right direction and I believe that will improve the problem to a certain extent,” said the traffic instructor. Konstantinos Iveris.

In the same video, the patrol car's beacon can be seen in the distance. But until the police arrived TheOpponents They leave.

“They can use the technique of driving in areas with specifications on tracks and specific cars,” said Mr. Iveris added.

Dangerous fights with “codes”.

The organizers, in fact, have it their own vocabulary To agree:

  • He writes: Marks on asphalt left by tires
  • Crocodile: A vehicle of great transformation
  • Skastra: Gas relief valve
  • Nail: A sudden change in pace
  • NASA: Car dashboards are overloaded with non-factory instruments
  • Chipping: Tampering with the Car's Electronic Brain

Illegal and dangerous conflicts along the coast and other parts of the basin; Even on national highwaysLives must be spent.

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