Bucs 117-129: Giants Antetokounmpo overturns -25, outscores Doncic's Mavericks with 48 points

Dallas trailblazer Giannis Antetokounmpo destroyed Luka Doncic's Dallas Mavericks with 48 points (129-117). Damian Lillard's best game against the Milwaukee Bucks in Doc Rivers' first win.

The meeting of European megastars was magical on Sunday morning (4/2), as Giannis Antetokounmpo's Milwaukee Bucks (48/6/10/5) came back from -25 down (129-117) to win against Luka Doncic's Mavericks in Dallas. Enjoyed it all in 48 minutes.

Doc Rivers celebrates his first win as head coach of the Stags after losses in Denver and Portland. The Greek Freak was amazing, he read the match perfectly and filled his stats with a complete performance, scoring from every position and creating without mistakes. This time Damian Lillard was Antetokounmpo's dream alter ego. Economy, composure, cool, patience, took what the game gave him and scored 30 points on 11 shots.

The Mavericks (14-13 at home and 12-10 away), without Kyrie Irving and Derek Lively, fell to 26-23. Luka Doncic injured his right leg early, but stayed in the game, fought with everyone, himself, and of course the referees, but in the end he lost (40 points, 9 rebounds, 11 assists, 9 fouls) as the Lakers approached his team in eighth place in the West through New York. Only Tim Hardaway, Josh Green and Maxi Klibert supported the Slovenian, who had a dream night (44-20 on 9/14 3-pointers in the first quarter) but turned into a nightmare for Dallas.

40-64 points on Rockets, 11-19 points on surprises, 26-27 points from substitutions, 4-25 (!) points from opponent fouls, 8-7 points from second chances (offensive rebounds), all in front of 20,377 as Dallas won by 24 points in the first. The visitors saw them lose by 36 points over the next three periods.

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The Utah Jazz next face the Bucks in Salt Lake City on Monday morning (5/2) at 03:00.

Giannis Antetokounmpo's account

He entered the match with an amazing move against Klimbur, and in the next phase he missed a three-pointer from the top. He led a reverse charge against Germany, nailing it 17-16 in the fifth minute and cutting down a Grant Williams try soon after. By the end of the period he was 8/2/2/2/1 in 9:15, but there was nothing positive around him.

Bench counted 1/9 shots, he stayed on the floor early in the second, hit a 3-pointer from the top, continued to rush the climber and lead an 8-0 run that cut the lead to 17. All the best for the Bucks. The few exceptions were Lillard's flashes, starting from him, who had seven assists in 19:22 of the half without a foul.

After going 0-15 at the end of the first half, Antetokounmpo entered the second half feeling better in the fifth as he hit the restart. Some of Lillard's passes weren't good for him, but Damm felt better and made the team better. He made a 3-pointer late in the third to make it 89-91 and ended the twelve-minute period with a magical strike.

He opened the fourth quarter with a mid-range shot, nailed Klibert to the basket, caught the Mavericks by surprise and made it 97-101. He scored 101-106, 105-113, 109-118, 114-123, shot 114-127 and Dallas won. He played a lot in his five, 7-2 record against Doncic.

  • 48 points
  • 18/23 Two-pointers
  • 2/5 three-pointers
  • 6/10 views
  • 6 rebounds
  • 10 assists
  • 5 is stealing
  • 1 volume
  • 1 is wrong
  • +15 to +/-
  • In 40:10
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Dodecalepta: 44-20, 65-60, 92-93, 117-129

Dallas Mavericks (Jason Kidd): Jones 8 (4 rebounds, 2 steals), Williams 2 (1/6 shooting, 5 rebounds), Klimper 21 (4/4 2-pointers, 4/7 3-pointers, 1/1 shot, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals), Green 20 (4/8 3-pointers, 9 rebounds, 3 assists), Doncic 40 (9/14 2-pointers, 4/12 3-pointers, 10/11 shots, 9 rebounds) , 11 assists, 9 turnovers), Hardaway 18 (4/8 3-pointers), Hardy 4, Powell 4

Milwaukee Bucks (Doc Rivers): Middleton 13 (1 3-pointer, 3 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 turnovers), Antetokounmpo 48, Robin Lopez 2, Beasley 9 (3/8 3-pointers, 7 rebounds, 2 steals), Lillard 30 ( 5/6 2-pointers, 5/5 3-pointers, 5/6 shots, 8 assists, 6 turnovers), Crowder 8 (4/5 2-pointers, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals), Portis 12 (4 /10 shooting, 10 rebounds, 2 assists), Connaughton 2 (1/6 shots), Payne, Green 5 (1)

Dallas Mavericks Team Statistics: 24/42 2-pointers, 16/39 3-pointers, 21/23 shots, 47 rebounds, 22 assists, 9 steals, 1 block, 21 turnovers, 19 fouls

Milwaukee Bucks Team Statistics: 38/58 2-pointers, 12/30 3-pointers, 17/25 shots, 42 rebounds, 34 assists, 13 steals, 2 blocks, 11 turnovers, 21 fouls

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