Apple Vision Pro situation out of control: Driver stopped by police for wearing it while driving (vid)

It hasn't even been a day since the release of the Apple Vision Pro, and already epic things have happened.

Its cycle Apple Vision Pro Less than 24 hours into the US market has already caused widespread attention and concern on social media platforms. Two in particular Worrying incidents A new virtual reality headset has been developed ViralUnderscoring the need for responsible use of such advanced technology.

In the first case, the video shows a man wearing Apple Vision Pro Accumulated while driving 10 million views On social media. Person, owner TeslaUsing the vehicle's self-driving capability, it immerses itself in the content displayed on the headphones without letting go of the wheel entirely. Apple. Despite the sophisticated mechanisms equipped with the vehicles Tesla, this behavior poses a significant risk not only to the driver but also to other road users. In response to such irresponsible use, Apple expressly prohibits the use of Apple Vision Pro while driving.

The second incident involved a man in San Jose, the third largest city CaliforniaWho actively used Apple Vision Pro When crossing a road. Worryingly, he stopped halfway to choose the virtual environment the headset offered, ignoring the dangers of his environment. This action highlights the dangers of over-engaging with virtual reality, especially in situations where the real environment requires full attention.

Well-known content creator Casey Neistad was the first to buy Apple Vision Pro and hit the streets of New York wearing it. Naturally, he was the center of attention, and many passers-by stopped him to ask how the experience was.

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These incidents are a stark reminder of the responsibilities that come with adopting advanced technologies. Apple Vision Pro, like other devices designed to alter perception, requires a high level of awareness and attention from its users. While the allure of virtual reality is undeniable, it's vital to recognize the lines between safe enjoyment and dangerous abuse.

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