Germano responds to Dallara issue: “Fingers raised, our show is already different” (vid)

Natalia Germano responded to those pointing fingers for her stance on Giorgos Dalarus' statements.

The Natalia Germano She returned to the show Alpha After an eye operation, she replied to her colleagues. Giorgos Dalaras About what he told reporters.

Most of her co-hosts were unhappy with Natalia Germano's position, saying that her own show also sent a camera. George Dalarus.

“I used to look at them with a smile, and after so many years at Corbett I learned to look at them with a soft tone and a modest smile. I can do nothing else. I don't want to open it up too much because I belong to the menagerie school—if I may use that word—Eleni always I don't answer. took the approach of I consider it more correct“It was said in the beginning Natalia Germano.

«I saw colleagues say that Natalia will respond on Saturday. Natalia does not respond on Saturday or Sunday. I value all opinions of colleagues, journalists, editors, and I listen to them respectfully. I filter, but I'm only responsible for the people who watch and criticize me all these years and the channel that pays me, I don't want to believe.“, he added.

«Because I saw some fingers raised, if you don't want to be hypocritical, change your show too, the show is already different. It was always another show. I have a feeling that my partners, Spyros Raphael Geramitas, and I are doing another show that doesn't require many changes. She's different anyway. I'll wrap it up here, we've been busy with me. It's not me, it's George Dalarusn is added Natalia Germano.

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