Weather: Sun with “teeth” today: Where will it rain and when will the temperature rise?

The weather will be generally clear, with sunshine, in most parts of the country today. In Halkidiki, Sporades, Evia, Eastern Styria and Crete, clouds with local rain are forecast until the afternoon.

Winds will be 3 to 4 easterlies in the west, 4 to 5 in the east north and 6 beauforts inland in the Aegean. They will gradually return to Northwest 4 to 6 Beaufort.

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Weather in Greece today, February 3

The temperature will drop slightly in the east. It ranges from 8 to 11 degrees in northern continents, 12 to 15 degrees in other continents and 14 to 16 degrees Celsius in island nation. In the central and northern continental areas there will be some frost in the morning and evening.

Macedonia, Thrace

Weather: A few clouds temporarily increased over Halkidiki with localized rain. Mostly clear since afternoon.

Wind: North 3 to 5 Beaufort. Afternoon shift 2 to 4 Beaufort.

Temperature: -02 (minus 2) to 11 degrees Celsius. The minimum is 3 to 4 degrees lower in western Macedonia.

Ionian Islands, Epiros, West Styria, West Peloponnese

Weather: Almost clear weather with a few temporary clouds in the western Peloponnese.

Winds: 3 to 4 from the East, and 5 Beaufort from the Ionian in the afternoon northwest.

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Temperature: -02 (minus 2) to 16 degrees Celsius. Maximums in the interior of Epirus are 3 to 4 degrees lower.

Eastern Styria, Evia, Eastern Peloponnese

Weather: Clouds increased at some places in eastern areas. Local rain will occur to the east and north of Evia and the eastern mainland by midday.

Wind: Northeast 4 to 5 Beaufort and variable from noon.

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Temperature: 00 (zero) to 15 degrees Celsius.

Cyclades, Crete

Weather: Some clouds have increased locally in Crete, where there will be local showers until the afternoon.

Wind: 4 to 5 from northerly directions and 6 Beaufort in eastern Crete.

Temperature: 11 to 16 degrees Celsius, minus 2 to 3 degrees in Crete.

Eastern Aegean Islands – Dodecanese

Weather: Almost clear.

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Wind: North 4 to 6 Beaufort. From midday, the eastern Aegean islands will gradually weaken to northwesterly winds.

Temperature: 10 to 16 degrees Celsius. 2 to 3 degrees decrease in the north.


Weather: Some clouds are increasing locally in the Sporades, where there will be local showers until the afternoon.

Winds: 3 to 4 northerlies, gusting to 5 am Beaufort in Sporades. Afternoon shift 2 to 4 Beaufort.

Temperature: -01 (minus 1) to 12 degrees Celsius.


Weather: A few clouds increased temporarily in east and north with small chance of some snow or sleet in Barnita early morning. Mostly sunny from afternoon.

Wind: North-northeast 3 to 4 Beaufort, East 5 Beaufort. Afternoon variable 2 to 3 Beaufort.

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Temperature: 05 to 13 degrees Celsius.


Weather: Almost clear.

Wind: Northwest 4 to 5 Beaufort weakening rapidly from afternoon.

Temperature: 02 to 11 degrees Celsius.

Sunday weather

Generally clear weather with some occasional clouds in the south.

Winds will be 3 to 5 in the west northwest direction and 6 Beaufort inland in southern seas.

Temperatures will increase to 12 to 14 degrees Celsius in the North and 15 to 17 degrees Celsius in the rest of the country. In northern continental areas there will be frost at some places in the mornings.

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Progress on Monday

Mostly clear weather with some occasional local clouds.

Winds will be out of the west at 3 to 5 and southerly at 6 Beaufort.

Temperatures will rise further, reaching 17 to 19 degrees Celsius in most areas, 4 to 5 degrees above normal for the season.

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