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Olympiacos will start from Easter Monday and a major part of its preparation for next Thursday’s historic rematch will require enormous attention. Dimitris Tomaras writes.

It’s not even 24 hours since Villa Park and Jose Luis Mendiliber’s amazing and terrifying 2-4. He had already made his move. He made sure to inform his players that the 2nd match will be after the first against Aston Villa, which will be tougher than the first!

“Congratulations to everyone for their performance and effort and of course the winning result. We deserved this win based on what we did on the pitch and we got it. But we keep going. We don’t stay here because something isn’t finished, the return game is ahead of us and we have to expect a tougher game than what Aston Villa gave us at home. An even tougher fight”, Coach “Meddie” emphasized to his players among others. It was like a… bell. Like they keep everyone on their toes.

This is the situation with Olympiakos if you look at Potens’ reports on the UEFA channel. They are thinking of nothing but the No. 2 battle with Aston Villa. An Aston Villa showing in every way this defeat as an organization… troubled them.

One of the most important lineups of the team

The Olympiakos axis… should suffer but rise once again to rise to the occasion – the demands of such a competition. As in the first match with Es, Ibora in front of him and Cquinho as a ten man or he is the same again with Es, Horta and Cquinho.

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If Olympiakos’ midfielders play again… a paddle, Mendeliber will find themselves in a good phase and position again. If not, other solutions are needed.

Olympiakos will have Mazoura-like returns and Jovedic-like solutions for replays. All this, of course, with the basic need for him to be as ready again as he was when he raced on the island. Spirituality, tantra and generally all kinds. In other words, everyone in the club worked before this match, let them work now. Judging by the previous one, a job is going to be done at the level.

This time he will have his people on his side. His 12th in a packed stadium. In such a case things would be different. Another fit and other data.

P.S. I don’t want to dwell on the common logic of Englishmen, but Aston Villa for the Premier League get the lowest grade in the enterprise category in relation to last Thursday’s game. They are the 4th team in the English league. It should have another operating model.

PS 2 Aston Villa and Emery caught… with Olympiakos Mendiliber. That won’t be the case this time. They will be the absolute underdogs in Thursday’s game and in this historic replay.

PS3 Happy Easter with love and health but happiness all over the world. May we all be well and always do what we like with our people.

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