Britain’s heaviest man has died just before his 34th birthday

Jason Holden, Britain’s heaviest man, has died in hospital at the age of 33. Jason, who lived in Camberley, Surrey, weighed 300kg and had not left the house for the past eight years.

The 33-year-old started binge eating as a teenager, which she attributed to, among other things, bullying at school.

Jason died last Saturday after doctors were unable to prevent organ failure. As the mother told Sun, the “countdown” began after her kidneys stopped working.

According to the Daily Mail, Jason started gaining weight after his father’s death and when he was bullied at school. As she said in a television interview, “Maybe if my father was around, there would be rules about what I could eat and other things that would stop me.”

By crane in the ambulance

The obese man was taken from his home to the Royal Surrey County Hospital. A crane and 6 firefighters were needed to lift him into the special ambulance that came to pick him up.

“I thought the doctors would be able to save him again, but unfortunately it was not possible,” said his shocked mother.

She added that her son had undergone kidney dialysis and intravenous antibiotics, but his organs continued to fail.

The doctors said he would die within a week, which he did.

The post-mortem report cited organ failure and obesity as the cause of death.

Jason lived in a purpose-built council bungalow fitted with specially reinforced furniture.

Jason as a child, next to his mother

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