Barzoga's update on the wounded and his horrified shout about Moses Wright


Moses Wright
Vichos Nikos/Intime Sports

Giorgos Bartzokas has said he is ready to throw Moses Wright in at the deep end ahead of the EuroLeague's Devil's Week and matches against Alba Berlin and Bayern.

The match with PAOK went down in history and will soon be forgotten. Olympiakos are given a breather ahead of Tuesday's (30/1) home game against Alba Berlin, with Giorgos Bartzokas admitting he wants to use Moses Wright.

If we have his letter of clearance he will definitely be in the top ten. It was the first time in my life that I had to use a player after training. It is an emergency and we have to survive in emergency situationsThe gruesome comment from the Greek coach added:We hit the market like many other injury-hit Euroleague teams. The World Cup produced new data that when you don't prepare your body in the summer, in a year where the competition is tough and day-to-day, your body leaves you, not to mention your spirit. We decided to have a tall one, and we excluded those who didn't have race speed. No one wanted to help us for a month. We have a kid who has played, has played at least 5-6 games, is ambitious and sees Olympiakos as a motivation to play and help. Wright is very ambitious, very athletic and he will give us another dimension. He needs to prove that he has the mental readiness for Euro League level

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About Nigel Williams-Goes – Philip Petrusev, Barzokas “OrWhen on the verge of playing, not playing. They will be treated to play on Tuesday,” he said. Nikola Milutinov and Mustafa Fal are out of action and are not expected in the upcoming EuroLeague bye week, while Shaquille McKissick and Luke Sigma, who are not on the roster for the league, will play normally.

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