Singapore Airlines: Apology for horror flight with dead man

The Singapore Airlines He also apologized for the death of a passenger from a heart attack and the injuries to dozens during the tough time Turbulence Inside Airplane yesterday morning

Singapore Airlines CEO Koh Soon Fong said, “My heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of the deceased passengers” and addressed the incident. Flight SQ321 In his video message.

«We deeply regret this incident and are committed to providing all necessary support and assistance to the passengers and crew on board SQ321 and their families and loved ones. Our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the deceased passengers.

Passenger SQ321 arrived in Singapore at 05:05 (Singapore time) today with 143 passengers and crew on board.

A further 79 passengers and six crew members from SQ321 remain in Bangkok. This includes those receiving medical treatment and their family members and loved ones on the flight. Our colleagues are on the ground to provide them with all possible assistance».

Airplane Boeing 777-300ER The plane was diverted to Bangkok with 211 passengers and 18 crew on board after encountering “sudden severe turbulence” in Myanmar. One passenger died and 30 others were treated for injuries after a flight from London to Singapore made an emergency landing in Bangkok on Tuesday, the airline said. Samithivej Hospital said it is treating 71 passengers.

The injured will seek compensation

Passengers injured in severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight are expected to take legal action and seek compensation, but the amount each can receive for similar injuries may differ due to international agreement.

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According to the Montreal Convention, Singapore Airlines is liable for accidents involving turbulence on international flights, regardless of whether the airline was negligent, according to US aviation lawyers. If passengers sue, the airline can award up to about $175,000 in damages.

If a passenger seeks more compensation, Singapore Airlines can try to reduce liability by proving it took all necessary steps to avoid turbulence, said Mike Danko, a California lawyer representing the passengers. He said airlines rarely win such arguments.

The passenger’s legal representative said the airline could reduce its liability if it could prove the passenger was partially responsible for the injury because they ignored the seat belt warning.

The amount of damages depends largely on the country in which the lawsuit is filed and how the legal system assesses the amount of damages.

73-year-old Briton dies in horror plane crash

The deceased has been identified as a 73-year-old British man Geoffrey Kitchen.

“Preliminary investigations show that the deceased suffered from heart disease,” Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport general manager Kittipong Kittikachorn said on Tuesday, adding that the autopsy process was still ongoing. At the same time, his wife Linda was injured and taken to the hospital, but her condition is still unknown.

Thornbury Musical Theater Group (TMTG) has confirmed the death of Geoffrey Kitchen, a music and performance producer in Bristol, where he worked for more than 35 years, describing him in a Facebook post as a “gentleman of integrity”. Integrity’ and ‘always did what was right for the team’.

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At least 71 people were injured, including citizens from Malaysia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, the United States and Ireland, the hospital said in a statement. It is also reported that six others have been seriously injured.

The Chronicle of Terror

Passengers on board his SQ321 flight experienced horrific scenes Singapore Airlines. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-300ER, took off Singapore, An emergency landing was made in Bangkok, where the injured were taken to hospital.

The slain 73-year-old Briton had heart problems and was traveling in economy class with his wife. Authorities will perform an autopsy on the deceased’s body, and all indications point to the fact that he died of a heart attack. The police will register a case and contact the British Embassy after the post-mortem.


After 6:00 p.m. On Tuesday, the sad news was announced.

The nationalities of the passengers are as follows: from Australia, two from Canada, one from Germany, three from India, two from Indonesia, one from Iceland, four from Ireland, one from Israel, 16 from Malaysia and 23 from Myanmar. New Zealand, five from the Philippines, 41 from Singapore, one from South Korea, one from Spain, 47 from the United Kingdom and four from the United States.

About 10 hours after takeoff, the plane encountered severe turbulence while flying at an altitude of 37,000 feet, the statement said. The pilot declared a medical emergency and dispatched the aircraft Bangkok Landed on May 21, 2024 at 15:45 local time.

Representative Thai authorities He said during a press conference that many passengers were evacuated unable to even walk. Investigations are ongoing.

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Around 100 passengers can travel Singapore Tonight. After providing food, they will be taken to their destination by Thai Airways flight.

Most injuries come from cuts to the head.

28-year-old Dzafran Azmir narrated Reuters her Terrible pedigree. “Suddenly the plane started to shake and shake, so I started to prepare for what was going to happen, and suddenly there was a very dramatic drop, so everyone who was sitting without seat belts was immediately thrown up onto the roof.” he said.

Passengers reportedly fell to the ground or were thrown onto the roof.

“Heard a terrible scream”

The Andrew, A passenger on the flight described his experience live to BBC 5. “I was covered in coffee. Seconds after the plane went down I heard a terrible scream,” he said.

When the commotion subsided, he helped a woman who was “screaming in agony” and had a “head injury”.

A special section at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok houses passengers in good health.

Keeps the interior of the skull plane

As shown in a video posted on social media, inside the plane, fallen oxygen masks, open luggage cabins and items can be seen lying on the ground. Parts of the ceiling are removed and pipes are visible, while a panicked flight attendant bleeds from her nose.

The plane lost 6,000 feet in three minutes

Flight tracking data shows Airplane He fell 6,000 feet Crossed the Bay of Bengal in three minutes.

Cooperates with carrier authorities Thailand Sending a team to Bangkok to provide medical assistance to travelers and provide additional assistance as needed. At the same time, Thai authorities sent ambulances and emergency teams to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The Transport Minister Singapore See Hong Tat He assured that the government would help the passengers and their families.

“It is with deep sadness that we learned of the incident on Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 from London Heathrow to Singapore,” he said.


Experts warn that climate change is increasing turbulence on airplanes.

Turbulence is usually caused by airplanes flying through clouds. However, there is turbulence outside, which cannot be seen and predicted by the aircraft’s weather radar.

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