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Dimitris Tsorpatzoglou writes about PAOK’s transfer woes, which are progressing according to plan, and some of the remaining pending matters. What does the champion of Greece have and what is he waiting for?

An organized body of principles. A great coach, he gives signs. A great summer destination. A solid plan to increase your chances of reaching your summer goal. Champion PAOKAs it was in early June.

We say it, write it, and feel it every day: Champion PAOK He is making good progress and is preparing for the next goal based on a plan. Even compared to other competitors in the country, the PAOK It is very good. Everything is going well at the beginning of summer, although it could be better …

Two or three days after the award the champions, Chet (O Savitis ie) the next goal is to be in his groups Champions League. Speed ​​was also an important condition so they sketched out the plan and started executing it quickly. What does he want? PAOK Until production starts after June 20:

– Some changes to the champion list

– Renewal of contracts Schwab, Maid And Don’t beg

– Another midfielder transfer for Axis

– Getting another power

– Transfers of 22-23 year old Greeks to increase their numbers on the roster

– All of the above and especially the first, before the start of production

All the reports, all the information, but the developments (events) show that PAOK is progressing well! Well, since…

– Hold him Constantia A major loss was thus avoided in a difficult situation that led to a drop in morale

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– Agreed with team captains and one of the valedictorian in major tournaments, Stephen Schwab

– Agreed with him yesterday Mandy Camara It was undoubtedly his first goal Lucescu to the center of the field

– He has taken steps towards important renewal Maid And Don’t beg

– He agreed with him Incense Strengthens the Greek side of the roster

– He is in talks with a forward and a winger who would be added to the main targets

– All this in a very short period of time as there are still days before the start of production.

Well… this is what they see and feel PAOK TsidesAll of the above is a rush to get season tickets for the Champions.

His situation is very simple to explain PAOK: If the team has a game tomorrow, it can only come and play with one requirement, let alone the other for a specific reason.

His unchained omadara Lucescu He could come out to play tomorrow, just needs a right-footed stopper, and a midfielder, say specifically. Maid Knows his “local” and needs Lucescu. So simple and forward oh PAOK At his summer shows. Does this mean… would he have caught the first couple of qualifiers? Of course not! It lays the foundations or better yet…builds right on top of last season’s solidly built foundations.

Camara and others?

What is reported about pending cases? With next week and the pressure of the first training session, PAOK The second issue is with the midfielder trying to cover the extreme backswing at right stopper and the fifth axis. PAE has issued nominations Don’t beg And Maid Respond to proposals they have or initiate developments to close. is certain PAOK He likes them so much that it plays a role. Poland must also get rid of its Ukrainians Dynamo Kyiv The Frenchman will have to decide who owes him and whether he will continue to be a star at the same time PAOK With a good deal, or if he’s expecting millions again Saudi Arabia (For this Maid, I omit to mention his existence and money. I agree that my opinion does not count before him Lucescu. But it remains to be seen what he will do Maid If PAOK Finally give him exactly what he wants…)

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It’s summer and negotiations are underway PAOK He did it with him curve has long been the main objective. Exchange with constant ups and downs Lucescu Played a big role in his character. The PAOK He’s overplayed in funding, shown the ceiling is rising, and sent a message this summer about how committed he is. And curve He knows: if he misses a penalty in the cup here, there will be people (along with PAE) who will support him and love him even more. Like him Samatha

* The finals of the basketball championship are reminiscent of the bad years of football. Kakatsis He wants (and tries) to be completely forgotten. What is done in football by the permanently spoiled: they don’t want to beat their opponents. They were not only looking to take the championship from them, but at the same time they wanted to “kill” them to show their strength.

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