Anna Vissi Fotis tries to catch fish if she stays in Ioannidis Panathinaikos

At a time when there are more reports from abroad talking about groups’ interest in him Photis Ionitis There are also reports that clubs like Portugal’s Sporting Lisbon and Spain’s Girona are willing to spend several million euros on his striker. Panathinayak, The Anna VC The footballer tried to “fish” if he finally got a transfer.

The well-known singer and Greens fan, after first singing with her partner Fodis Ioannidis in a video she uploaded on her personal Tik Tok account, Eleni VolkerakiThe lyrics of the song “Goldfish” then he casts… the net if a good fish is caught.

“Wait again, we’ll meet again, that’s it, my friend, we won’t go crazy this far” he sings and asks Phodis Ioannidis “We won’t go crazy, will you be in Panathinaikos or not? I’m worried”. The green forward smiles, grabs a tissue and starts wiping his forehead, saying, “We’re sweating.”

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