Domestic violence: A woman with blood on her face reported being assaulted by her husband

A fresh incident of domestic violence occurred in Amphissa where a 23-year-old woman was severely beaten by her husband.

According to reports, the couple got into an argument in the car and the woman’s husband assaulted her and punched her in the face.

“Another time he did it again, and we gave way to anger. We turned a blind eye.”

“Here we are messing with bastards. Beating women of the world. She is my daughter, she is 22 years old. Last night in good time, this man beat her. We went to hospitals and now it is in the prosecutor’s office. What can we do; this situation is intolerable. For my daughter’s life. We are scared,” the 23-year-old father told Mega and continued:

“They had an argument outside a shop. And he beat her. He said something to her… provoked her and suddenly slapped her face. Now it’s up to the lawyer. The two people in the car hit her. From there he went to the hospital.

Bleeding in the hospital

The 23-year-old, who was lying in a pool of blood, was taken to the hospital by her husband, who informed the girl’s father. According to her, her daughter has been assaulted by her husband again.

“At one o’clock in the morning, at twelve-thirty, I was notified and I also went to the hospital. The police were there and from there we went to the police for a statement. Another time he did it again and we gave way to anger. We closed our eyes. There is a witness, the man went out barefoot at 4 am. As soon as she yelled at him, he disappeared. Stop,” said the 23-year-old’s father.

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“The dress she was wearing was stained with blood. Her shoes are in bad condition. He threatened to throw it in those containers… in the trash cans.

The 23-year-old filed a case against her husband and authorities tracked him down and took steps to arrest him.

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