Panathinaikos AKTOR-Fenerbahce: Match of the year until… next OAKA – Basketball – Euroleague

One of the most important matches of the year is ahead of him Panathinaikos A.K.T.R!

A packed OAKA (9:15 p.m., NovaSports Prime,, bwinSPORT FM 94.6) welcomes the “Greens”. Fenerbahçe Matchday 26 of the EuroLeague, in a match where a lot will be determined by the classification of the competition.

His team Ataman of Ergin Affiliated with the Turkish Club 15-10So with a victory he takes an important step for all four and gives up his wholeness Sarunas Yasikevicius. “Greens” will be an even bigger achievement to cover the difference in the first game, which seems difficult because it was important (83-69). On the other hand, with a possible failure, “Clover” will be in trouble as far as the first six, because Olympics… lurking in the 7th spot.

This match finds the hosts at a bad time. After poor performance and failure Jalagiris In Kaunas (80-68), Panathinaikos AKTOR suffered a significant blow. tuesday OAKA broke his unbeaten streak to leave with a “double”. After a while this decision caused an “insider” in the ranks of the team and … infuriated him Ataman, which abolished bag cutting and replaced it with training. Now, it is called to make a reaction across it, as well as a hit on it lamp Erasing the negative results of the previous days will take an important step.

On the other hand, lamp He went without a field goal for about 8 minutes in the fourth quarter and suffered a loss in a 76-69 loss to Monaco in the “Principality”. Saras reacts and scatters the entire championship Galatasaray With scores of 90-74, she now knows she has a “double” chance that could give her a significant boost to secure a top-four finish. Of course, the +14 defense from the first leg is at the back of the Turkish team's mind, should the match go badly.

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For him as far as racing is concerned Panathinaikos A.K.T.R is highly doubtful Kostas SlokasErgin Ataman said “It will be very difficult to use Kostas Sloukas tomorrow, from what I understand”. On the other hand, the Matias Lessor and Ioannis Papapetrou Over the virus they're dealing with, oh Juanjo Hernangomet He also removed a small wound on his left thumb. From Fener's side, they won't compete Medjan Birsen and Tyson Bear.

For this game, umpires were appointed Miguel Angel Perez (Spain), Milos Koliencic (Montenegro) and Luka Kardum (Croatia).

Prehistoric Period:

2000/01: Ulgar-Panathinaikos 87-79

2000/01: Panathinaikos-Ulker 84-77

(First 16) 2002/03: Panathinaikos-Ulkar 78-74

(First 16) 2002/03: Ulgar-Panathinaikos 92-73

(regular season) 2004/05: Ulgar-Panathinaikos 66-64

(regular season) 2004/05: Panathinaikos-Ulkar 79-72

(regular season) 2005/06: Ulgar-Panathinaikos 66-82

(regular season) 2005/06: Panathinaikos-Ulkar 85-69

(regular season) 2007/08: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 64-83

(regular season) 2007/08: Panathinaikos-Fenner 88-68

(Top 16) 2011/12: Fenerbahce v Panathinaikos 56-77

(Top 16) 2011/12: Panathinaikos-Fenner 72-62

(regular season) 2012/13: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 73-64

(Regular Season) 2012/13: Panathinaikos-Fener 69-55

(First 16) 2013/14: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 77-72

(First 16) 2013/14 Panathinaikos-Fenner 76-67

(Regular Season) 2014/15: Panathinaikos-Fener 91-73

(regular season) 2014/15: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 84-62

(First 16) 2015/16: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 82-75

(First 16) 2015/16 Panathinaikos-Fenner 76-71

(Regular Season) 2016/17: Panathinaikos-Fener 81-70

(Regular Season) 2016/17: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 84-63

(Playoffs) 2016-17: Panathinaikos-Fenner 58-71

(Playoffs) 2016-17: Panathinaikos-Fenner 75-80

(Playoffs) 2016-17: Fenerbahce-Panathinaikos 79-61

(Regular Season) 2017/18: Panathinaikos-Fener 70-68

(Regular Season) 2017/18: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 67-62

(Regular Season) 2018/19: Panathinaikos-Fener 69-81

(Regular Season) 2018/19: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 85-66

(Regular Season) 2019/20: Panathinaikos-Fener 81-78

(Regular Season) 2020/21: Panathinaikos-Fener 82-68

(Regular Season) 2020/21: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 100-74

(regular season) 2021/22: Panathinaikos-Fener 91-87

(regular season) 2021/22: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 59-62

(regular season) 2022/23: Fenerbahçe-Panathinaikos 107-77

(regular season) 2022/23: Panathinaikos-Fenerbahce 88-94

(regular season) 2023/24: Fenerbahce-Panathinaikos 83-69

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Total: Panathinaikos-Fenerbahce 18-17

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