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Who has been Olympiakos’ best attacking-creator this season? According to me, I think objectively, the criterion, I think it is Podense!

First of all We are talking about all competitions, League, Europa League, Conference League and Cup. And of all the activities of all the players, I think the best data was collected by the Portuguese. He had a fantastic year, beating El Gabi and Fortunis.

Why do I choose? Pontens:

First of all, as he was involved in a total of 32 Olympiakos goals! He scored 15 (11 in the league, 3 in the Europa League and one in the Conference League) and 17 (12 in the league, one in the Europa League and four in the Conference League). What I did was, to make it, I won assists and penalties and generally put every effort of the last player before a goal from their team.

SecondlyThis participation in 32 goals came from 47 games, of which he was a starter in 34, meaning he was substituted in 13.

ThirdlyThe Portuguese has been slow to come to Olympiakos, missing the first seven games of the season.

There is taste, of course, the tie between Bodens and Fortunis… tie! Because Fortou was involved in a total of 32 Olympiakos goals! He scored 11 (6 in the league, 3 in the Europa League and 2 in the Conference League) and 21 (9 in the league, 7 in the Europa League, 4 in the Conference League and one in the cup). The team captain did all this in 49 games (42 starters and 7 substitutes).

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big El Gabi is in the number of “32” of Pontense-Fortouni, participating in 37 goals! He scored 33 (17 in the league, 5 in the Europa League and 11 in the Conference League) and 5 (3 in the league and 2 in the Conference League). He played a total of 50 games (39 starters and 11 substitutes) but joined at the start of this season but missed a month due to being at the Africa Cup of Nations.

Consider Pontens’ 32-pointer was better than El Gabi’s 37-pointer, because on the one hand Morocco scored almost exclusively, while the Portuguese had a better balance in goals and creation), on the other hand because Morocco scored seven goals. No fines, Portuguese. Additionally, as far as Fortounis was concerned, the Greek ace had the goal-scoring advantage of constant phases, which he executed almost exclusively, making him the creator of five goals.

What will do What I found to be the drawback of Pontens? Apart from his bad image against Carvalhal, his many good things, he did in limited number of games. In fact, he scored two goals in three matches and two goals in another four!

Cons Of luck? A mid-season “belly” led to a dip in his performance in the crucial finale of the season.

And to El Gabi: his little assist in scoring in the derby. Otherwise, his own worst period was mid-autumn.

Inappropriate: According to related reports, Vangelis Marinakis will run for the position of president of the league. Then he will be the President! Don’t discuss it.

Photo of the day:

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Masouras He may have had single-digit goals this season, but he still gave Olympiakos the goods. His misfortune was that in the 3.5 months at the helm of Mendeliber technical leadership, the international hunter ended his worst period in “red and white” (!), with zero goals and an assist …

Otherwise Overall his numbers weren’t bad, he was involved in 19 Olympiakos goals. He scored 9 (7 in the league and 2 in the Europa League) and 10 (7 in the league, one in the Europa League and two in the Europa League).

AIDS Jovedic scored 8 goals (6 in the league and 2 in the Conference League) and created 7 (all in the league) by participating in 15 goals.

From there Also, it will be interesting to see how many of these (five) players, who have been almost exclusive protagonists in Olympiakos goals this year, will be in “red and white” in the new season as well, and all their contracts. , somehow, expires.

Finally one

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