Noam Chomsky in hospital with stroke – difficulty speaking

Noam Chomsky is having an adventure with his health when he suffers a stroke and is hospitalized in a hospital in Brazil. Renowned linguist Noam Chomsky, 95, has been making public appearances since last June, sparking speculation about his health.

After all, many comment on the weight of his absence in the debate about what is happening in Gaza. Valeria Chomsky confirmed news of the MIT professor suffering a stroke last June and is currently in hospital in her native Brazil, Sao Paulo.

Noam Chomsky has trouble speaking

Noam Chomsky and his wife were leaving America in an air ambulance with two nurses. According to Valery Chomsky, her husband has difficulty speaking due to the stroke and the right side of his body is affected.

Finally, he noted that a neurologist, a speech therapist and a pulmonologist visit the educator every day. Chomsky, 95, raises his left hand in a gesture of grief and rage as he watches images of the war in Gaza, his wife said.

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