North Macedonia: A new government takes office under the name of a constitution after a vote of confidence in parliament.

The new government of North Macedonia, led by the right-wing party VMRO-DPMNE, won a vote of confidence with 77 votes to 22 “against” and the party’s leader, Christian Mikkoski, as prime minister. Parliament just after midnight yesterday (Reuters/Oknen Teofilovski photo, top, Mr Mikkoski addresses MPs during the parliamentary process of a vote of confidence in his government).

The designation “North” is “shameful”, but it is now part of the country’s legal system, hence the “reconciliation”.

In the swearing-in ceremony that followed the vote of confidence, both Christian Mickoski and the ministers of the new government were sworn in under the country’s constitutional name, “Republic of North Macedonia”.

“In accordance with the laws and constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia, I swear to exercise the office of Prime Minister/Minister responsibly and conscientiously,” the Prime Minister and the ministers of the new government repeated the oath. Afrim Kasiyal, Speaker of the Parliament of North Macedonia.


Kristian Mickoski justified his desire to become North Macedonia’s prime minister shortly before a vote of confidence in his government, describing the designation “North” in his country’s constitutional name as “disgraceful”. However as she said it is now part of her legal system.

Source: RES

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