MEGA Reveal: Domestic violence complaint against another famous lawyer

After the brutal assault case of Sofia Polyjokopoulos, the wife of criminologist Apostolos Litras, a new case of abuse comes to light, again by the negative protagonist, a popular lawyer.

As MEGA reveals, the lawyer in question was the target of justice after his partner complained about an incident of domestic violence.

The lawyer denies what he was told and has also turned against the complainant

This was a police complaint filed 1.5 months ago. The woman, who is a lawyer by profession, alleged that her partner abused her and insulted her.

According to the same report, the case has reached the public prosecutor and the preliminary examination is underway, while the investigated crimes are violence and threats.

The lawyer, on his part, denied what he was told and said against the complainant that everything she was saying was false.

See the MEGA report

Apostolos Lytras has been asked to file a release request

Meanwhile, after three days in pre-trial detention, Apostolos Litras, in a written statement, asked for the safety of his family and apologized again for brutally assaulting his wife.

At the same time, the well-known criminologist is preparing to file a request for release from prison after he was convicted of breaching the restrictions placed on him after brutally assaulting Sofia Polyjokopoulou.

Manolis Litras, the father of the well-known criminologist, spoke at MEGA’s “Agoma ten ides tipoda” and his statements caused a stir.

“They had a fight, Apostalis raised his hand. We expect him to apply for parole in a few months. Let’s get through it. My son will never raise his hand. His wife gave him the opportunity. It was the wrong time,” he said provocatively.

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Prominent criminologist Yiannis Glykas also spoke on the show: “Every accused has the right to a fair trial. His personality has been disrespected for a long time, and his action is reprehensible. The conditions of character assassination were created against Apostle Litra. Even the person who took his life has the right. His personality and life are in his action. His action is reprehensible. No one forgives him. On the other hand, he may have made some mistakes on the first day.

He added: “Cruel interference by the leadership of justice is unacceptable.” Controllers are judicial inspectors. The publication decision is fully and properly justified. Compulsory detention of the accused is outside of fair trial. Woe betide if a report at a police station lands a person in jail. This is a complete violation of the rights of the accused.

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