Love for Greece and the day after the divorce from Nikolas

After 14 years of marriage, Nikolas and Tatiana Platnik decided to go their separate ways. As nothing foretold their separation, the announcement of their divorce dropped like a bombshell.

The son of Constantine, the last king of Greece, Nicholas and Tatiana Platnik were married in Spetses in 2010.

In marriage, it is “Mamma Mia, but with aristocrats”, attended by royalty from all over the world, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Spain.

But “down-to-earth” Tatiana Blatnik, as a Daily Mail report called her, already seemed at odds with the pomp of the former Greek royal family, asking nobles and princes there to replace their official robes with caftans. Sandals…

After the brilliant wedding, Tatiana Platnik admitted:

“I don't feel like a princess. I don't feel like I'm married to a prince, with a title. Actually, yes, he is my prince, but nothing more.

According to the Daily Mail,Despite their long-term relationship, which may seem silly to others, the couple may have had sharp differences from the start.».

The British publication notes that, characteristically, Nicholas loves Greece with all his heart, but it is difficult to adjust to his wife when they permanently moved to our country in 2013.

Tatiana Platnik has accepted the royal life of the former Kleiksburg royal family, but is said to have never felt fully at home in Greece. She was more comfortable in jeans and sneakers than wearing a princely tiara.

Her relationship with Greece and her marriage to Nicholas

About meeting and falling in love with Nikolas, Tatiana Platnik had said in a previous interview:

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“It's a long story…not for an interview, but maybe for a novel! But to make a long story short, we met in the village where I grew up in Switzerland. He was a friend to my brothers, but also to my mother. We had a long love affair. He was very romantic, sent me flowers, called me… It lasted almost two years, until one day I gave up and I never looked back.”

“I enjoy the simple things in Greece, like going to the grocery store, because I like to cook. It took me a long time to get used to late dinners in Greece, but now I've adjusted to most things. I cook, clean, peel carrots and potatoes, walking the dog, taking nature walks, tending to broken plumbing…just like everyone else! If I thought I was beautiful, comfortable, a princess and everything was perfect, I wouldn't be sitting here talking about all this,” she pointed out.

“I want to show the world that it's okay to not be perfect. The first time I saw Greece was through my husband's eyes. I envied Greece because Nikolas loved her so much that she was like the “other” girl in the house.. When I moved now, I left and created my own Greek.

I love Zakorochoria, Pelion, mountains, inland routes, Crete. I like to surprise others but I don't like to be surprised. “Even after 12 years of marriage, what surprises me about my husband is his patience and kindness,” added Tatyana Platnik.

Although the couple had no children, she noted:

“Being an aunt has been the greatest blessing of my life. My nephew and niece bring so much joy and happiness to everyone in our family. Despite their age and being one of the best teachers, they are constantly teaching me new things.”

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