Murder of a police officer in Rendis: A moral criminal tried to escape abroad and was found in Ioannina

more than 60 addition And Arrests Done for her in the last hours Murderous attack On December 7 MAT Police Officer, Giorgos LyggeridisWith a naval explosion Rent, “Melina Mercury” filming outside the arena. The trial ran for so long COMPANY OF EL.AS. is in full swing, They are included in the case file More than 150 people have been involved in cases of fan violence and not just guard deaths.. Those arrested will be produced in court Tuesday before the prosecutor's office to the serious charges officially leveled against them.

A major police operation began on Sunday afternoon from the town of Ioannina. According to ERTNews, One of the moral teachers A murderous attack on a young policeman He tried to flee abroad. He may have fled to Albania. According to the same information, he was spotted by police officers of the sports violence department in the city of Ioannina, riding in a car and moving towards the border.

Later, investigations were carried out in Attica and other parts of Greece. So far they have been 56 arrestsIt contains Five moral teachers And Two key membersThat is, those who instigated the attack against the MAT teams.

According to reports Among those arrested was his eighteen-year-old brother. He was arrested from the start as a moral rebel because he had thrown away the sea leopard.

Apart from the Attica Basin, Searches were conducted in Chania, Corditsa and Sparta. At least they were found, according to ERTNews Two pistols, Naval Flame Missilesenough Combustion, bats But it was discovered A radio tuned to the police frequencys. They were also found The clothes some of the fans were wearing on the night of the attack At the expense of MAT police officers.

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It may be recalled that a 31-year-old police officer, who was critically injured by a naval blast during the incidents outside the “Melina Mercury” stadium in Rendis, died on December 27 after 20 days of hospitalization. During the volleyball match between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos.

Reporting by: George Gerafentis

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