Fire in the eye: 111 to 3 years in prison for six convicts

imprisonment That's a total of four former fire officials Over 100 years A three-man misdemeanor court was charged with the attic fire, but it was settled Five years expire. He defined that penalties are commutative CashEach amount is about 40 thousand euros.

The verdict given by the court to the 6 persons declared as criminals is as follows:

  • Sotiris Terzoudis, head of the fire department, 111 years in prison.
  • Vasilis Mathaopoulos, Deputy Chief of the Fire Department, 15 years in prison.
  • Ioannis Fosteris, commander of the Joint Operations Coordination Center, 111 years in prison.
  • Nick Panagiotopoulos, commander of the Athens Fire Department, served 111 years in prison.
  • Charalambos Sionis, commander of the East Attica fire services, 111 years in prison.
  • cheater Angelopoulos, the resident who allegedly started the fire, was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The decision was accepted VoicesDiscordant applause and phrases like “bravo-bravo” from many residents.

Tensions peaked with her announcement President Incidents were threatened when some of the onlookers moved towards the accused to stop the gathering, and police intervention was necessary.

The Defendants They fled through the entrance used by the judges.

Who are the culprits in the fire accident in Mati?

A total of six out of 21 comes to mind Defendants A three-judge criminal court brings the curtain down on the murder trial fire 104 people died the eye

More specifically, they were found guilty 6 defendants For deadly fire the eye and in the surrounding areas in the summer of 2018 by the decision of the Tripartite Criminal Court of Athens. 15 defendants, including the then governor of Attica, were found not guilty Rena Dourou, and Marathon Mayor Ilias Psinakis.

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Court Decision to condemn them: Sotiris Terzoudis then head of the fire department (negligent manslaughter and negligent personal injury for diverting a helicopter) Vassilis Matthaiopoulos then vice president (negligent manslaughter for 9 deaths at sea), Ioannis Fostieris then head of ESKE (negligent manslaughter) then commander of the fire services of Athens Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos (102 Manslaughter by negligence, bodily injury by negligence of 32), Saralambos Sioni then Commander of the Fire Services of Eastern Attica 32) and Konstantinos Angelopoulos who live in the courtyard where the fire took place.

Innocents Adjudged on the other hand Fire department officials Christos Golfinos, Filippos Panteleakos, Damianos Papadopoulos, Christos Drosopoulos, Georgios Portozoudis and Stefanos Kolokouris, ELAS Saralambos Sirogiannis, then Officer of ELAS Aerial Media, then General Secretary of Civil Defense and Ioannis Kapatik Region and Ioannis Kapatik General Secretary of Ioannis Region. Then Marathon mayors Ilias Bissinakis and Pentelis Dimitrios-Stergios Kapsalis.

Despite the prosecutor's proposal, they were not guilty concurrently Vios Thanasias Then Deputy Mayor of Marathon, Evangelos Barnes Then the mayor of Rafina-Pikermeo, Antonis Palpatsis Then Deputy Mayor of Rafina – Pikermiou.

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