Rent: Warrants for Vice-Presidents of “Cat 7”.

Marked them principles Two of his vice presidents are already on good terms Remand Chairman Attempts to find the moral culprits of “Cat 7” and those responsible for the policeman's murder George Ligerites At Rendis.

Accordingly Openare expected to be issued against them Guarantees Arrest as principles They think that are located Very much is high In her hierarchy guilty system. In particular, they are known by nicknames in fan circles.Romanian“and”SAARC».

However, they are still targeted by judicial authorities Two Individuals. about this:

  • The so-called “Brooklyn“He has been in England for a month now.
  • One more thing 40 years old A key player in the criminal organization.

11 targeted minors

Also, according to the report John Jiagas In OpenExpected to be searched 11 minors. As it is known, the criminal organization is made up of “big guys” who give orders and “little guys” who carry them out.

Apart from that, during the night of wild episodes, the closed outdoors “Melina mercury» until Rent Then the policeman lost his life Lygeritis From throwing Navy CombustionA large number of “small” thugs were implemented as a “leaven” for the intensity of the attack.

Apocalyptic dialogues of hooligans in “Light”.

So far and after a three-day marathon process 16 out of 63 accused Those who pleaded guilty in a criminal organization case were placed in pre-trial detention. Among those taken to jail was its leader Gate 7with the nickname ” short“, and two more “big” and “Coconut“, theOMG». In their majority, the defendants denied any involvement in the case. Many of those included in the case file were released with restrictions.

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At the same time, what comes to light every day is revealed. Wild episodes followed a few days RentConversations between the arrested show the panic among the gangsters.

  • Cousin: What's going on?
  • Accused: He says nothing like what they found, and DNA on burnt clothes. I'd like to speak to the lawyer for a moment, shall I?
  • Cousin: You?
  • Accused: I don't. Generally, they are DNA. Should I talk to a lawyer or find someone else?

British publications on Marinakis and Dras relations 7

Detailed notes President of Olympiakos And Port 7 Criminal Organization, to do times London, The The Telegraph, The Nottingham Post and The Athletic, In the case of the offensive post on Nottingham Forest's official account, the British newspaper attributed it to Vangelis Marinakis.

“We warned the official professional match committee before the match that VAR was a Luton fan, but they did not change it. Our patience was tested many times…”, she specifically wrote. Nottingham.

The times In their statement, “Evangelos Marinakis: relations with rabid fans and the whipping of referees”, they refer harshly to the captain of the team of Brayez, but also to the revelations about the criminal activities of his thugs. Olympiaco.

Among other things they mention? “His anger towards the authorities stems from his relationship with them OlympicsAs a fan and then an owner… in documents seen timesThe Marinakis Refers to components, about how the club's ultras operate, h Gate 7into his city Piraeus And across the sports spectrum. The inquiry was told that the most dangerous fans have access to certain home games and free access to the stadium.

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In fact, in their report, The times They talk about his strong relationships Olympiaco With rabid fans, citing the testimony of the team's former football player. “To OlympicsAfter Panathinaikos' defeat in the derby, a former player recounted Marinakis He arranged for the Ultras to stand outside the locker room armed with guns. He warned that if the team lost again, he would let them in.

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