Denmark PM receives threats on social media – he goes public with news

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen today, Sunday, April 21, made public the hate messages and insults received on social media.

In this way Mette Frederiksen tried to open a debate about the behavior of citizens on the Internet.

The aggressive tone on social media is nothing new, the 46-year-old prime minister wrote on Instagram today, talking about the content of the messages he receives: “harassment, sexism, abuse, hate and threats.”

“Danes should openly discuss style and ways of communication”

“Unfortunately, this is a part of everyday life for many people,” he stressed, noting that the phenomenon worries him deeply.

Mette Frederiksen spoke about online threats to young people, journalists, researchers, civil servants, athletes and politicians who participate in television broadcasts and receive racist and hateful messages.

She herself, as she said, has recently received more hate messages and threats than she has ever experienced.

“There are comments with such violent content that no one should tolerate.”

“As the head of the government, of course you have to have more tolerance, but there are comments with such violent content that no one should tolerate,” he said.

He shared some of the feedback he received, and perhaps others will find the courage to do the same, so that Danes can openly discuss conversational style and customs.

Release by the Prime Minister of Denmark:

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