Rodopi: Spira 67 removed copper from BBC transformers

The police were successful and reached a coil of copper stripped tracks from DEDDIE transformers in Shanti and Rodobi areas.

In this case, the police arrested four Greeks in the rural area of ​​Shanti (18.04.2024) and registered a case of aggravated theft and violence against officials and judicial personnel. There is also an unknown person in the relevant case file – their accomplice, who is accused of theft.

In the context of anti-theft measures against theft of transformers and DEDDIE cables, a coordinated police operation was undertaken. During this, a coordinated police operation was carried out during which the accused were found to have been eliminated along with an unknown accomplice whom they were looking for. , from Shanti village area, 6 copper coils from 2 DEDDIE transformers, total value 13,115 euros.

After the raid, the three accused vehemently resisted arrest. They used a car, which contained 500 kg of copper, six coils, as well as robbery tools (cutters, crowbars, ratchets, rechargeable wheel, wrench, torch, wire rope, gloves, etc.). Commission of thefts.

According to the investigation, the culprits removed copper from 66 DEDDIE transformers located in rural areas of Shanti and 1 transformer located in Rodobi area between 28-11-2023 and 18-4-2024. The estimated value is 405,690 euros, and an IXF. Found abandoned on 31-3-2023 Shanti was returned to its owner from the city.

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