The 42s are coming – in search of heat and fire

In fact, the weather will be warm from Saturday (08/06), while the first heat wave of the summer is officially expected from next Monday.

However, the heat wave may be just around the corner, but today (06/06) the weather will be uneventful, while hail and localized rain are expected.

According to the forecast of Observatory of Athens, “a fast-moving atmospheric disturbance will cause localized rain and storms over the mainland and the mountains of Crete”.

The map below shows the expected precipitation totals through Thursday night and areas with the highest chance of hail.

According to the atmosphere’s classification of precipitation events, today’s precipitation event is classified as category 2 (moderate).

Arnautogou: The heat wave is coming from June 11

Meteorologist Sakis Arnadoklou, with his post, talks about a new wave of extreme heat from June 11, with temperatures “shooting” above 40-41 degrees and reaching somewhere around 41-42 degrees Celsius.

“A new extreme heat wave is possible from June 11 with characteristic heat waves! Average temperatures for the continental lowlands through June 13 at a glance Don’t lose your… Weather! Click image to enlarge and read the description carefully to calculate the temperature in your area as it varies from place to place. ! Of course, there will be an update from my side for anything new!”, he says.

Civil defense is on alert

At the same time, the government has alerted the civil defense apparatus to be on high alert as both extreme heat and strong winds accompany the impending heat wave and there is a risk of fresh fires.

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After all, on the occasion of World Environment Day, during the first conference of CNN Greece’s environment site on Wednesday 5/6, the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vasilis Kigilias, promised a “war” this summer. “To minimize and mitigate the effects of the climate crisis in our country”.

Gigilias on Earth Summit Act: “There will be a war in the summer – everything is done for prevention”

“In terms of prevention, we have done everything humanly possible,” said Mr Vasilis KigiliasThe Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Defense during his welcome address said “Act for the Earth Summit“, of the first conference of his environmental platform CNN GreeceHeld on Wednesday 5/6 World Environment Day.

“Over the years we have realized how important it is to understand that the planet is our home and we have not been able to pass it on to our communities,” said V. Kigilias stressed in his introductory statement: “Unfortunately the climate crisis is here. !».


Vasilis Kigilias

CNN Greece / Nikos Razis

He explained that where on Earth we have water resources, a key ingredient that ensures our existence and survival, where we can farm, and how climate crisis can lead to violent population movements all contribute to security. Issues for citizens and the next generation, but also economic issues.

“A major disaster could cost billions of euros, like the disaster in Thessaly with Daniel,” he said characteristically.

“The EU has moved forward with a green deal that will be implemented over the next 30 years, but I think it needs to be agreed, and I’m happy that the Prime Minister is taking initiatives in this direction in terms of how member states will be supported. Extreme weather events that everyone faces often and the infrastructure, livestock, crops and homes they leave behind It is based on the disaster of the economy,” he added.

  • Here You can attend the conference.

The Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Defense reiterated that it is the government’s priority to engage civil defense, fire brigade, security forces, local government and volunteers in efforts to protect the world from such disasters. “Safety of human life first, then people’s property and natural beauty.”

Finally, he pledged a “battle” this summer to “reduce and mitigate the effects of the climate crisis in our country.”

New maximum temperature record for first ten days of June

Meanwhile, one record after another is being broken temperature Already from the first ten days of June at the stations of Observatory of Athens network of automatic weather stations.

Thus, after 39.3 degrees Celsius was recorded in Elefsina and Thebes (Nea Odos), the thermometer exceeded 40 degrees in Crete and Rhodes yesterday. It reached 41.5 degrees in Cortina of Heraklion, 41.3 degrees in Flora of Heraklion and 40.4 degrees in Lindos.

As can be seen in the chart below, Crete and Messinia received their… respect. Following Lindos are Petrocephali Moira with 39.9 points, Scala Messinia with 39.6 points, Stavis of Heraklion and Vagionia of Heraklion with 39.4 points and Siva of Heraklion with 39.3 points.


Detailed weather forecast until next Monday (10/6).

Forecast for Friday 07-06-2024

Clear weather with local clouds, temporarily thick in places in the east and north of the island, with light local rain or showers in the early morning. In the afternoon and afternoon hours, clouds will form over continental areas and localized showers may occur over the mountains.
Winds will be from the north, west 4 to 5 and Ionian 5 to 6 Beaufort and east 4 to 5 and Aegean 5 to 7 Beaufort.
Temperatures will see a slight further drop with maximum values ​​of 33 to 35 degrees, mainly in the south, and it will only reach 35 to 36 degrees Celsius in southeastern Greece.

Forecast for Saturday 08-06-2024

Mostly clear weather with occasional clouds over continental areas in the afternoon and afternoon.
Winds will be from northerly directions, west and Ionian 3 to 5 and east 3 to 5 and Aegean 5 to 7 at Beaufort.
Temperatures are expected to rise slightly in the west and reach 35 degrees Celsius inland in some places.

Forecast for Sunday 09-06-2024

Mostly clear weather with some patchy cloud over continental areas during midday and afternoon.
Winds will be 3 to 4 in the West and Ionian Northwest and 4 to 6 Beaufort from the East and Aegean North directions.
Temperatures are forecast to rise slightly over the Ionian and continental regions, with 36°C reaching continental regions.

Forecast for Monday 10-06-2024

Generally clear weather with some temporary clouds over the mountains by mid-afternoon.
Winds will be 3 to 4 in the West and Ionian West Northwest and 4 to 6 Beaufort from the East and Aegean North directions.
Temperatures are forecast to rise further across the country.

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