Conference League Final, Olympiakos – Fiorentina 1-0: Europe adores your legend! (Videos)

Europe’s Legend Olympiac! This is a fact! Olympiakos made the Conference League their own, a 116th minute goal from El Campi in a stunning final to lift the trophy and become the first Greek team to do so!

Here lies the legend of Europe. Olympiakos. This Olympiagara beat Fiorentina 1-0 With… El Gabi’s golden goal and his first ever European Cup, the Conference League clinched.

An Olympian He took his world on the road with this grand and historic victory. Olympiakos became the first Greek team to win the European Cup!!!

Olympiakos – Fiorentina: How the 2 teams started

Olympiakos started the match with its expected and… classic recipe. Under the positions of Tzolakis, the defense was Ortega, Carmo, Retso and Rodinei, Ese, Ibora and Ciquinho center and the front mandilibar was Podense, Fortuni and El Cambi.

On the other hand – as for the guests – Fiorentina had Terasiano in goal, defense with Bragi, Martinez, Milenkovic and Dono, Madracora, Arter and Bonaventura in front of them and Guam and Gonzalez behind the forward Belotti.

Olympiakos insisted, Fiorentina put the pressure on them and despite the 2 teams’ phases it was all to nil.

The first half was excellent and good to watch, a team that did well in the Fiorentina mold, their growth and winning ‘battles’ against the red and whites. The Italians seemed to have a more composed image and pressed Olympiakos as hard as they could.

However, the first big moment of the match came in the 4th minute with Potens’ move and shot Difficult save by Fiorentina’s goalkeeper. Fiorentina threatened to see Belotti’s shot go wide. In the 10th minute, Fiorentina, playing for Ru Ortega’s side, scored with Milankovic, but the goal was ruled out for offside after a VAR check.

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Madragora also had a shot in the 12th minute, but it went off target. Fiorentina tried and then Guam’s shot was found in the bodies. In the 20th minute, Fortunis went to find Ibora with a foul, but he was unsuccessful. Bonaventura, on the other hand, found himself in a shooting position in the 21st minute as Sholakis blocked his effort with ease. Bonaventura lost the four-on-four in the 22nd minute, where Tsolakis stopped him exceptionally.

In the 25th minute, Olympiakos… responded to their chances with Potense’s header after a Chisino corner. Teracciono was out on the ball. Fiorentina pressed again and made it a double in the 39th minute with Kwame’s header, which Tsoulakis cleared and fired the 2nd effort wide. With the first half ending 0-0, Olympiakos were eager for this final and seemed to want a better picture of how they would pass the ball forward in their print as well, but in terms of their final options.

Both sides had chances in the 2nd half but neither scored

Shortly after the start of the second half, Redzos hit his head in a head-to-head collision with Belotti, but gritted his teeth and carried on despite the concussion. In the 62nd minute, Olympiakos went for a chance and won.

Incredible collaboration from the right for Olympiakos, Fortonis cross but Pontens controls and commits an aggressive foul on a shot that collides with Dodo. In the 65th minute, Fiorentina threatened to score with a header from Milenkovic. Dasoulakis saved Guam’s effort with one hand in the 69th minute.

Medilibar moved from the bench and 2nd forward, Jovedic but in his peripheral role with Horta at his axis. In the 80th minute, Olympiakos Ibora’s header missed Fiorentina’s goal at the crucial moment. Olympiakos had another chance after a deadlock. Horta is fouled in the 84th and El Gabi has no time to ‘nip’ the ball well. A minute before the end of normal time in the second half, Duncan fired a shot wide. A 0-0 draw at half-time with Olympiakos both threatening and threatening sent both teams into extra time.

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El Camby close and all in the air for 1-0!!!

Of course, overtime the anxiety is even greater. Now replacing Ortegas with Gini on the left, Olympiakos looked to find his moment. His stage. Initially, Olympiakos would ask for a hand for the penalty, but Arthur Diaz denied that there was an infringement in the Fiorentina area. In the 96th minute, Jovedic picked up the ball, moved and shot past the Fiorentina goalkeeper. In the 100th minute, a foul by Horta sent the ball to El Campi, but his header went wide. In the 2nd half of overtime, Tsolakis had to intervene again. He also stopped Nazola in the 110th minute.

In the 116th minute, El Gabi, who didn’t play that many minutes, did it that time… Gold 1-0. Ibora went to the goal with a self-sacrifice that reached Eze, who sent it to the Moroccan, who didn’t miss with his header from close range to make it 1-0. And then absolute…panic ensued. Immediately, confirm the VAR phase and confirm whether there is offside or not. A world in heaven. Olympiakos was so close to its first European Cup. A few minutes left. Olympiakos won. He had done it. The trophy is now his!!!

MVP: El Kabi reached his destination along with Eez. The Moroccan didn’t play his best game, but he scored his goal when he got the chance. And what is the goal? European goals scored. As for Argentina? He did it all. Defensively, tactically and in runs. Play with Ace who threw the ball to El Camby.

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At their height: Two goalkeepers. Solakis was fantastic whenever needed. Among the other reds and whites, Karmo, Retsu and Ibora’s self-sacrifice is awesome.

Weak link: Fiorentina’s attacking midfielders are numerous. Players like Bonaventura, Gonzalez and others.

Error: Fiorentina’s reaction to the 1-0 draw. The way it worked was the end of the L wire.

The Struggle: The Portuguese Diaz did not avoid mistakes in terms of mistakes and cards. He left some tough marks of Fiorentina players without cards. Olympiakos asked for a hand-penalty in the first part of extra time, but Iveras thought there was none. At 1-0 to Olympiakos, VAR waited to confirm El Campi’s goal.

Gazeta Fund: This Olympiakos Olympiakara. Very simple. Olympiakos won their first European Cup. A first in its history. First Greek Team!!! Europe, listen up!!! Olympiakos is the new king. The new emperor. What did he actually do? What he did.

Olympics: Tzolakis, Ortega (91′ Kini), Karmo, Retsos, Rodinei, Ese, Ibora, Tsiquinho (77′ ltr. Horta), Podense (105+1′ Masouras), Fortunis (73′ Jovetic) and El Cambi (120 +22 ) ‘El Arabi).

Florentina: Terasiano, Bragi (105+1 L., Ranieri), Martinez, Milenkovic Dodo, Madragora, Arthur (74′ Duncan), Bonaventura (83′ Barak), Guam (83′ Iconet), Gonzalez (105+1′ Beltran) ) and Belotti (59′ Nzola).

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