PAOK: Constantelias just off Salzburg – Austrians’ offer to Tikafalos

Yannis Constantelias is closing in on Salzburg, which pays PAOK 15 million euros plus 2 million euros in bonuses. Five years as an international attacking midfielder.

Yannis Constantias is closing in on Salzburg!

The 21-year-old midfielder is on his way to the Austrian side, having given PAOK a great opportunity.

Salzburg are backed by financial giant Red Bull, paying PAOK 15 million euros plus a 2 million euro bonus “two-head” if the youngster makes several appearances.

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However, the Austrian team did not stop there. It also gives PAOK an 18% resale rate!

Equally important is Salzburg’s financial offer to lure the international midfielder. Constantias will receive a total salary of €10 million plus bonuses over five years.

At this point and with what is known, it is very difficult to screw up the exchange. Constantias is very happy at PAOK, but Salzburg are now a major force in European football.

So he is also determined to step abroad. He knows Salzburg rely on young players and are seen as a gateway to bigger clubs. It makes the most of its assets and sells them with love. Constantalias is now ripe to take the next step. Salzburg may not have won the title this year in Austria. But it is certainly an important club.

Constantelias, meanwhile, will leave PAOK as a champion having had the best and most fulfilling season of his career. PAOK have a good proposal on their hands and everything indicates that a final deal will be in place by the end of the week, as the kid also wants to be sold.

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After all, no one can say that by competing in Greece, he can magically raise his prices. So, PAOK could get 17 million euros from the Austrians, which would certainly be the biggest sale in its history, but And a little more money with 18% resale.

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Which is true and what is DeCapalos’ reaction.

Constantelias will leave the “Dipalos” while he has 99 appearances, 17 goals and 15 assists. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, this will be the second time he has left Greece, having moved on loan to Belgium for Eupen in the second half of the season, in which he went eight games without a goal or assist.

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