Confidence in Maximos to rally in European elections – how they read the latest Metron poll

Kyriakos Mitsotakis aims to further mobilize ND and voters who supported the centre-right in national elections.

In his speeches around Greece and in the interviews he gives, though he devotes little space to the conflict with the official opposition, his statements are sharper and say more about the way Syriza’s president does politics and what he says. . “They come today and propose a program that exceeds 45 billion euros to deal with the real problems of the Greek economy. They are laughing at your face,” said Mr. Mitsotakis said, and emphasized that “the packaging may have changed, but the lies, toxicity and leptos remain the same characteristics of the official opposition.” “I will win the next elections and become self-sufficient,” said Mr. Kasselakis returned arrows of arrogance to the government during a statement to ANT1. Right and left. And they accuse us of arrogance.”

Mitsotakis: We are looking for resources to expand the “My Home” program – we are considering new restrictions on Airbnb

Mitsotakis from DYPA: A huge effort is being made to integrate people with disabilities into the labor market, not exceptions.

ND: A 33% threshold is possible in the 2024 European elections

The information received by Maximos Palace so far gives confidence to the ND rally, and Mr. Mitsotakis seems satisfied with the messages he is getting from the party’s base. This creates hope that the 33% threshold achieved by the ND in the 2019 European elections is possible and likely to be overcome. “We have to compare Euro-elections with Euro-elections, and why not beat the 2019 percentage,” he told the Star. However, absenteeism has become a growing headache as voters have been fatigued by a series of electoral contests over the past year, and European elections have always been viewed as “relaxed” by citizens.

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Increasing participation in the 2024 European elections will benefit the ND

Yesterday’s MetronAnalysis poll for Mega found that only 59% of respondents were interested in the upcoming election. An increase in participation is estimated in Piraeus to favor the ND, as it has large reservoirs of votes to draw from, but this does not mean that abstention will necessarily work against it. Mr. Mitsotakis estimates that this will mainly move the ruling bloc to the right and squeeze parties that only appeal to a certain electoral population, thus fragmenting the radical vote. Party sources believe that the prime minister’s tours in northern Greece and the severity of the crisis are working in the NT’s favour, with leaks stopping and rallies picking up.

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