Zero Hour: Iran Strikes Israel With Drones

Zero hour in the Middle East Iran According to Israeli media direct attack on Israel. Intelligence sources say the first mission has begun Dozens Rude Drones can reach 75 to do Israel.

Rated as drones They need it several hours cover up distance IranIsrael And they are estimated to arrive after 2am, while other reports indicate it will take more than 7 hours. At the same time, there are reports that there are Secondly But Third wave Drones It took off later.

Even Iranian media reports this expected will be launched and Ballistic Missiles to do Israel they The next ones hours, When it is not excluded Hezbollah to distract them Defense forces of Israel. Indeed, there are reports A wave of drones Where took off from its territory Yemen.

Reported to OPEN by Sent of the channel in Final AvivThe Israel Announced on America It will only intercept Israeli attack drones Answer with attack to do Iranian Terrain. However, Iran's defense minister said any country would open its airspace or territory to its attack. Israel vs Iran, “will receive a strong response from Tehran,” Iran's Mehr news agency reported. These are developments They knock His hour Risk of widespread eruption across Middle East.

In fact, it was known that Cyprus-based fighter jets took off after 00:00 to intercept Iranian drones launched against Israel.

Reports suggest that most have been intercepted

It is not yet clear which facilities these drones are targeting Israel What was he waiting for? in days This is heyPies expected to do Try There they are They must give up before reaching his limit. According to Israel Broadcasting, most of the drones in the first strike had already been used by the US and Israeli forcesBut others will follow.

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The Press representative of IDF Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari in a statement Confident Start of the attack Commenting how Israeli Air Force Monitors them Drones. said Hagari Army works intercept The Drones, as soon as possible, He clarified that the drones will approach the country by dawn.

If there are additional attacks, this will be required Special Warning, Hagari said IDF It is GPS in many areas Israel No will work.

Sirens will only sound if the drones enter Israeli airspace. Channel 12, USA was the first to spot and immediately report the launch Israel.

Netanyahu's extraordinary speech

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He addressed the people of Israel on Saturday night, stating that Israel is ready Immediately attack From and will respond to Iran.

“Citizens of Israel, in recent years, and in recent weeks, The Israel “We are preparing for the possibility of a direct attack by Iran,” the country's prime minister said in a video-broadcast statement. The State of Israel is strong, the IDF is strong, the people are strong.

“We appreciate the support of the United States for Israel and the support of the United Kingdom, France and many other countries,” Netanyahu further emphasized.

“I established a clear principle – whoever hurts us, we will hurt him. We will defend ourselves against any threat, calmly and decisively.

“I know you, its citizens, do too Israel, be quiet. I request you to listen to the instructions of the Home Front Command. “We will stand together and, with God's help, defeat all our enemies,” Netanyahu asserted.

Netanyahu's plane takes off for the first time

According to him times of IsraelIsrael's official government aircraft,Wings of Zion”, departed from Airline The foundation Nevadim In South Israel. The plane, built for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has never been used officially.

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Israel's airspace is being closed

The Airport Authority of Israel It says the country's airspace will be closed from 12:30 a.m. amid the attack on Iran. Israel. The IAA did not provide details on when flights would resume, saying it would provide updates as developments unfold.

Travelers are advised to check with their airlines and its website IA A About project of Airplanes theirs.

Ali Khamenei: “Zionist regime of Israel will be punished”

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has indicated that Israel's “evil, Zionist regime will be punished” after Iranian drone strikes began against Israel.

“This malicious regime has added another mistake to its worst mistake by attacking the Iranian consulate in Syria. Embassies and diplomatic offices in any country are considered the territory of any country. Attacking our consulate is like attacking our territories. The Zionist regime (i.e. Israel) must be punished.” Will, it will happen.

The US is on red alert

are on red alert America By White home The President announced on Saturday Joe Biden Will return immediately WashingtonInterrupts his weekend in Delaware to discuss with his team Council Security for events Waist East.

Biden's dramatic appeal

Earlier the Biden He made a dramatic appeal to her Tehran Do not attack IsraelAssuring US support Final Aviv. “Don't do it. I don't want to go into sensitive information, but my assessment is that it will happen sooner or later,” he said, adding: “We are committed to defending Israel. We will support Israel, help defend it, and Iran will not win.

At this point it is absolutely clear Waist East are formed balances That horror stimulus Fear of military buildup. The supported from Iran Hezbollah Fired dozens of rockets, hitting northern Israel throughout the night, while its guards revolution (Iran-backed) seizes container ship “bound for Israel” in Gulf.

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Military movement into Iran

As Oppen and Anna-Maria Kofitsa report, American officials They claim to have Military movement into Iran, by moving Drones and aggression RocketsMost of them 100 rockets the ship

Secret services tell CNN that the US is watching Iran's moves Military Equipment including cruise missiles and drones. It is possible to move 100 cruise missiles DizzyAs a deterrent or retaliation for the Damascus strike.

America sends reinforcements

Risk of immediate retaliation page Tehran It is closer than ever to an attack on its embassy in Damascus. How to attack Iran remains questionable. Hezbollah is considered the most powerful pro-Iranian force in Lebanon, with brigades operating in Syria. Next is Hamas in Gaza, and so on Houthi her Yemen.

Escalation alters the distribution of forces concentrated in the region. Navy ships take battle positions and US sends reinforcements. The White House is closely monitoring developments, while intervention in armed conflict would require orders from President Biden to be issued from the Oval Office.

“We believe that Iran is trying to avoid a wider escalation in the region and is trying to weigh its response and send a message. They have sent additional equipment to the area for air defense Because the threat comes from the air. Whether it's cruise missiles, whether it's rockets, whether it's drones,” Pentagon spokesman Oren Lieberman said, while his White House spokesman, John Kirby, pointed out: “I would say we're seeing it a lot. closely. We continue We consider That is possible threatening Here from Iran is real, viable, and certainly reliable.”

Sent by Punch Final Aviv, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Michael Kurila met Israeli Defense Minister and discussed Middle East.

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