Yannis Glykas: “The problem doesn't seem professional – it can be solved very easily”

Well-known lawyer Yiannis Glykas says that mafia influence in Mantra does not seem particularly professional and organized, so it will be easy to detect.

“This does not seem to be a professional issue, although it is very important to strengthen the sense of security,” he noted while talking to “Mega Weekend”.

“We have many unsolved crimes involving death contracts. There are also cases that can take years to resolve. But I believe this one is easier to solve than the others”.

“They mapped the area.”

The heinous crime took place 200 meters away from the victim's house, while the criminals drove away with at least 15 bullets.

Police investigation revealed that the culprits had mapped the area and chosen dirt roads to escape through the hills after the murder.

As far as the motorcyclist is concerned, he seems to be experienced in riding a motorcycle at night and on such roads. It also seems to have moved to places where there are no cameras.

The total duration of the hanging of the businessman in Mantra was less than 30 seconds.

In fact, the criminals, before leaving the scene of the execution, threw their used Kalashnikov into the businessman's burning car, disappearing their tracks.

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