Bologna put this amount on the table for Ioannidis


Fodis wearing the Ioannidis Panathinaikos jersey in the match against OFI

Panathinaikos have made it clear in all tones that Fotis Ioannidis is not for sale, although the Italians insist that Bologna are very interested in buying the international forward and are preparing to make a new offer.

According to expert “transcriptionist” Fabrizio RomanoBologna submitted a proposal to Panathinaikos, 18 million euros + 2 million in bonus form to acquire Fotis Ioannidis.

Of course, this money is unlikely to prompt Panathinaikos to turn down Ipswich’s much stronger offer of €25 million three days ago.

The Italians, for their part, insist that Bologna has not laid down their arms and will return with a new and improved offer, although Panathinaikos’s position on Ioannidis’s case is unwavering. The Greens have made a strategic decision not to sell the 24-year-old striker this summer and are proving it in practice, closing all the doors in succession.

Apparently, Panathinaikos’ “Ioannidis are not for sale” is linked to the club’s main goal next season, which is nothing less than winning the championship.

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