13 people traveling in the boat were arrested

13 people traveling in the boat were arrested From there they set off firecrackers and a fire broke out in Hydra on Friday night, while a sunken boat in Vouliagmeni Marina was seized.

Those arrested are expected to appear before the Prayas criminal prosecutor on Sunday morning.

It is recalled, however, that a pine forest fire broke out on the coast of Agios Nikolaos at a point when it was very difficult, without threatening any settlement. According to information, when they realized that the culprits had set fire to the land, they tried to put it out but failed.They informed the fire department and left the spot.

Hydra is a boat caught in fire


The spokesperson of the fire department said, Vasilis VatrakogiannisSpeaking earlier to NEWS 24/7, the fire department requested and received from the Coast Guard the tracks and video footage of all boats in the area Friday night.

“Employees from the fire department’s investigative division investigated a boat involved in the incident.” He mentioned that The use of fire was prohibited in the area, which had a rating of “4” based on fire hazard..

Also, Appropriate documents were taken From the passengers of the boat.

Notification of Fire Department

Thirteen (13) citizens were arrested today, June 22, 2024, by the officers of the Fire Brigade’s Assault Crime Wing (DAEE) for causing fire in a forest area in Pisti area. At Hydra Island, evening hours, yesterday, June 21, 2024.

The above will be produced before the Peres Criminal Prosecutor tomorrow morning.

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Wrath of the Hydra Mayor

Speaking about the incident, earlier on Saturday morning on ERT, the mayor of the island George KukoutakisHe said furiously and insisted that the authorities would do everything to clear the case.

“If it’s true (assuming the fire was caused by a boat), it’s really saddening to me. A real outrage. The proper authorities will look into it. It’s nothing in the area where it happened. There’s not an organized beach next door or anything.” He said at the beginning and added:

“We will do everything we can to clarify this case. Some very recklessly set off fireworks near a pine forest with 6 Beaufort winds. I think anyone can understand what anger this would cause, not only for a mayor, but for the citizens and everyone involved.”

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