Fire at Keratea: No active front – strong fire brigades in the area

After the intervention of strong forces of the fire department, the fire front at Ano Tusgalio in Keratia has been contained and according to the latest information there is no active eruption.

The fire got out of control shortly after 10pm on Saturday and approached the first houses. From Ano Tuscalio an order was given to Keratia to evacuate the inhabitants immediately.

Evacuation of residents to safe places

According to reports, residents of scattered houses in the area experienced dramatic moments until they were safely evacuated, while firefighters and police officers removed drivers and passengers trapped in thick smoke from their vehicles.

Although there were initially fears that some houses had been damaged, an agent of the municipality of Lavriotiki, who was at the scene of the fire, was informed that there was danger, but ultimately not. The house burned down. Recorded at first light of course.

“Greetings” Kikilia

Civil Defense Minister Vasilis Kigilias noted the large and immediate mobilization of fire and civil defense forces on social media.

“Just before the end of the day, the civil defense forces won another fierce battle. 120 firemen with 38 vehicles, 4 forest commando teams and a large number of volunteer firemen with water vehicles were able to control the fire in Kerata in just 1 hour past midnight, and without aerial support.

While making inhumane efforts to protect houses, human lives and forests in Evia, Andros, Peloponnese and Evros, civil defense forces today faced 3 more dangerous fires in Attica. Congratulations to all!”

They are powerful forces

120 firefighters, 4 infantry units and 38 vehicles are operating at the scene, with volunteers and municipal water tankers providing assistance.

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At the same time, traffic regulations will be in force. In particular, the police were involved in diverting traffic from the intersection of Lavrio Avenue with the Kerates-Anavisos Provincial Road.

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