He was screened at the Open by the TV game Next Please

It premiered on Saturday afternoon, February 10 Anitha Paniya Open with a new interactive game, Next please.

Anita Bania makes appointments every day Saturday and Sunday Live on Open Channel with TV Knowledge Game is sure to give players and viewers lots of cash and prizes!

Players must answer knowledge questions correctly to collect points and advance to the next level. That's where the “best” awaits them. They will face tests which they will have very little time to complete.

Annita will have a tough time, knowledge, speed and luck to reach the finals and win the grand cash prize of 30,000 euros.

Rich prizes and huge sums await the audience as they become members of the best team, try their luck during the show and participate in the game by phone.

At noon on Saturday, Anita Baniya opened her first night to the audience, stressing her desire for a live show as Next Please will be televised live.

“Hello, my TV children. Happy weekend, good start, and good luck to you who watch us, because from now on every Saturday and Sunday – and then every other day – we will be here by your side.

We are here, I know at its birth, I know myself and I know very well, it has the most experienced intellectuals in the television market. I am very happy to be with them this year,” said Anita Bania.

And she emphasized: “We want to be live because we want you to play from your home. We want adrenaline. We want it live, now what… that's our style”, said Anita Bania at her premiere.

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