Thessaloniki: Critically ill child in “Ippokrateio” – he underwent head surgery

Parents were running their baby from hospital to hospital in Thessaloniki early Saturday morning (04/13). It's about a 5.5-month-old girl being hospitalized in critical condition at Hippocrates Hospital after a lengthy operation to treat internal bleeding in her head.

Hospital-to-hospital road race

According to reports from, the mother initially took the girl to Papanicolaou Hospital, although it was not on duty. The same information also states that the mother went to the said hospital as it was very close to their house. There the hospital staff administered first aid to the child and then he was transferred to the on-call hospital “Babageorgio”. The doctors there deemed it necessary to transfer the infant to the ICU at the “Ipocratio” after inhaling the infant.

He underwent long head surgery and his condition is very bad

Around 02:00 am on Saturday, the girl was transferred to “Ipocratio”. There, the doctors diagnosed a 5.5-month-old infant with head hemorrhage and had to operate immediately.

So, at 03:00, the operation began, which, according to, lasted a long time.

The girl is being treated at the “Ipocrateu” Children's ICU and her condition is critical.

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