Let's leave Tony Spinos and welcome Thanos QC: The word Godsana is said in a new epic Q&A.

“My wife picks up the phone because I'm looking for peace.” New exciting interview with host of 5X5 show.

Unconventional and talented, we expect nothing less than amazing guests at Athenais Nega's show. The famous journalist, who fortunately returned to television with “Kalitera Arka”, welcomed a very interesting personality on his show on Friday night (12/4) named Thanos Kyusis.

The popular showman is known to the public for his personality Tony Spino, He spoke to the journalist with unfiltered truth and we watched him with interest because his words were worth broadcasting. Speaking with disarming honesty, Thanos Kyousis spoke about his career, his wife and his passion for journalism, which rested in an unfulfilled world for fear of “the shaft”.

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Here are some excerpts from the amazing Q&A:

“I don't get hurt easily, I'm constantly “creating”. I have a list of ideas written down. When I get tired or bored I have an alternative. I like to do what I like! I flirt a lot with the magazine but I don't have it, I throw something away. I love other magazines reporting. I want to go further east. I love India, the culture, the way they speak and it's amazing. We are close as people, but this journey has to happen and I want to bring these two cultures together.

“The night has changed its constitution a bit. When you are single it is another night, if you are married it is another night. I started “Salada” as a theater production, then it became a requirement, then mainly work and you eat the packet. It is difficult and fortunately in the past If we had worked in the era we would have been 7 out of 7. If you are good at what you do there is money. Could have been more. People are not dumb, they know what you are selling and they are there. If you are a firecracker you will shine for a while, if you are a star you will You will shine forever.”

Thanos Kyousis brings his humor as a dad and Leonidas Koutsopoulos provides unique commentary.

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“I'm a dancer because I've also worked as an actor. I've worked as a professional dancer in the past, I sing, I'm a musician because I play the guitar and the banjo. I've always wanted to do something different. I've been creative since I was a kid, my favorite word. “No”. I couldn't differentiate myself by playing guitar like everyone else. I always tried to do something to differentiate myself.”

“I was a street artist for many years. I graduated from Street University. The ability to be on the street and have people stop and admire you. I considered it alms to take my hat to the world, and I wanted it to come to me. Learned! I had an example in my life. I was in London and it had street performers and I was stunned when I saw it in front of me and it was like a message from God that this is what I was going to do.

“Back in Greece, I didn't go to the theater to beg. I went straight to the street! So I started. I didn't have a Cinderella story in mind that a producer would see my talent. I see a lot of artists on the street and I can tell who has it and who doesn't.” I know who has it, even at traffic lights, seconds later… the police were coming, we were friends. They just smiled at me and didn't say anything to me that they could tell me to go to the department.

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