Olympiakos: Meet Barcelona in EuroLeague playoffs – when does the quarter-final series begin

Barcelona will face Olympiakos in the EuroLeague's post-season, and qualification for the playoffs will take place from April 23 to May 8, with five matches needed to emerge a winner.

First chapter is over. However, there is a second and later epilogue. He qualified for the Euroleague playoffs It was a foregone conclusion 15 days ago, but Olympiakos defeated Fenerbahce on Friday night (12/4) and finally found their opponent in the post-season. In the last… step Before the Final Four in Berlin.

So, the “red and whites”, in this way, face a home disadvantage from the moment they finish in fifth place. Barcelona As they wait for the Play Ins (April 16 to 19) where he is unconcerned and uninterested, they will “enter the qualifiers with the intention and aim of advancing to the final stage. Four”.

Asaya Kanan first eliminated Fenerbah├že, then recalled it… it's time.

A “battle” for qualification begins for all participating teams April 23-24 and max Until May 8 The final four will be decided by four qualifiers.

Due to the home disadvantage, Giorgos Bartsokas and his players will start their campaign with two matches. Palau Blugrana of the capital of Catalonia (April 23 and 25) and wants to “break” the headquarters in one of the two matches, while the best position is about a double victory. Whatever happens, the first two games (even if we lose both) will move the series to Holy Week or SEF for two games, and if we go 2-2, all will be settled on Easter Tuesday or Easter Tuesday or Game 5. Wednesday in Spain.

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­čö┤ Olympiacos – Fenerbahce 84 – 81 : Kanaan…armed and waiting for Olympiacos Barca

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