Athens-Corinth Overturned Tanker Fire: Detour Removed, Kilometer Lines (Video)

The alarm went off Fire departmentAfter a tanker carrying fuel overturned at a distance of 75.5 km Athens – Corinth National Road.

The result was a massive overturn fire, Completely extinguished. However, firefighters are still at the scene.

The The driver was released without injury, no burns, but some bumps from the meltdown. He was taken to Corinth Hospital and the others were not injured.

According to the latest update of traffic police Detours on the Athens-Corinth National Highway have been removed Upstream to Corinth at the following points:

  • On Elefsina Toll Road
  • On Kalamaki Toll Road
  • At St. Theodoros.

There is a problem with the flyover The tanker overturned due to damage due to high temperatures caused by the fire.

For this reason Issued and still in force 112 for Prohibition of entry on the Olympia road from Elefsina to Corinth and from Kyado to CorinthWhile the condition of the flyover (crossing the old national road) is being inspected by engineers.

A message from 112 was also sent For residents of some areas, drivers are hereby asked to follow the instructions of the authorities.

Athens-Corinth Overturned Tanker Fire: Detour Removed, Kilometer Lines (Video)

Infrastructure Deputy Minister Nikos Tachiaos is already on the scene Along with the engineers of the ministry, the fire brigade, police and representatives of the concessionaires carry out the stability control of the bridge.
In addition to the national Passenger traffic has also been suspended.

In The current from Athens to Corinth (Q about 3 km) is gradually releasing stranded cars. with diversion At the exit to Loutraki – Old Isthmus Bridge and then re-entering Olympia.

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The specific stream (from Athens to Corinth) will be closed for the next few hoursTraffic continues through the detour as engineers estimate sections of the flyover will need to be removed at the site, which will take time.

In Traffic from Corinth to Athens was restored after 2am.

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