Warning of Iran's Imminent Strike on Israel: Tehran Weighs Data, Implications, Parameters

The risk of escalating war in the Middle East seems ever-present. Ready to attack Israel with Iran, in retaliation for attacking his embassy in Damascus. The next few hours are considered crucial, with reports suggesting that Tehran will launch an attack within the next 24 hours. According to the Wall Street Journal There is only one final result From the leadership in Tehran.

When we say that Iran Getting ready means moving missiles from storage to launch sites and putting its air defenses on high alert. We are at the most critical moment since October 7th“The CBS analyst pointed out, David Martin. In particular, emphasized in the article Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is giving green light to itAccording to Iranian sources, Iran is considering the political risk of a direct attack on Israel.

An answer will be given, the Iranians insist It accuses the United Nations of inaction in condemning the attack At the embassy in Damascus. Had the UN Security Council condemned the Zionist regime's attack on our embassies in Damascus and brought its perpetrators to justice, Iran's duty to punish this rogue regime would have been absolved.Iran's delegation to the UN

Sources from Washington, however, say the retaliation will not be a major escalation, with information coming via Oman from the Iranian Foreign Minister. Analysts say alternatives include the use of pro-Iranian groups from Yemen, Iraq or Lebanon.

«We are cautiousTel Aviv insists and announces an immediate response to any blow. This was also emphasized in his interactions with Lloyd Austin, the Israeli Defense Minister. “We are ready and on high alert for defense and attack and know how to alert citizens and deal with any threat.“The IDF spokesperson said, Daniel Hagari.

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Washington is increasing its diplomatic pressure to prevent further escalation In the region, Anthony Blinken maintained regular contact with his counterparts in Turkey, China and Saudi Arabia, while warning Iran in every way.

We warned Iran not to use the (Damascus) attack as a pretext to further escalate tensions in the region, but to attack US facilities or personnel.” noted a White House representative. Karin Jean Pierre.

However, the US advised US embassy staff in Israel to avoid traveling to the area France and India are included in the travel advisory countries to the Middle East.

US forces are on standby

The White House has described reports of an imminent military response by Iran as genuine and entirely credible However, in Israel, the spokesperson declined to say when they expect that response. What he emphasized, and importantly, is that the United States takes Israel's security very seriously and is doing everything to ensure that American forces are also ready.

Mr Kirby may not have said it, but according to reports, an attack against Israel will take place in the next few hours. This is also the reason The State Department has asked diplomatic staff and US citizens not to travel for the next few days Outside of major cities not effectively covered by the Iron Dome.

The form and nature of the attack is unknown, although even US officials have not ruled it out A coordinated operation by Iran with about 100 drones and dozens of missile strikes ERT's correspondent in Washington, against military targets in Israel. Lena Argiri. from the other side No one can rule out the possibility that it was a minor attack For use only. However, this would be a serious development and the President is being briefed several times during the day.

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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken He spoke by phone with his counterparts in China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, urging them to pressure Iran not to pursue any attacks against Israel, the State Department announced Thursday.

Cameron's appeal to Iran: Don't drag the Middle East into a wider conflict

At Prime Minister and Foreign Minister BritainThrough their public statements and diplomatic moves, Iran is trying to prevent an imminent strike on Israel, ERT correspondent in London, Eudoxia liberis.

The British Prime Minister condemned Khomeini's comments about punishing Israel as unacceptable.. Sunak added that Britain already has “Iran poses a major threat to regional security” and has taken steps to protect the UK from threats from Tehran.

A few hours later David Cameron Had a phone conversation with Iran's foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdullahian And posted the conversation on Platform X. Lord Cameron told his Iranian counterpart, “Iran must not drag the Middle East into a wider conflict“. The British Foreign Secretary expressed deep concern that the miscalculation could lead to further violence.”Instead, Iran should act to de-escalate and prevent further attacks” Cameron told his Iranian counterpart.

However, in the balance comes the criticism that David Cameron received, viz It made the government's stance on Israel more cautious And raised the possibility of recognizing Palestinian sovereignty. He declared that Britain had no support for Israel.unconditionallyand classified Israel”occupying power“.

UK Foreign Office He also updated his travel advice for IsraelClaiming that the country's government has raised “The possibility of an Iranian attack on Israeli soil and such an attack would trigger a wider escalation“.

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Iran is trapped in an axis strategy of resistance

The Stability in the Middle East An attack determined by Iran and planned by it inside Israel.

Everything will be determined by two factors, explains ERTNews' head of international news. Anna Papasotherio:

  • Who is attacking?: Iran or its armed proxies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen. You understand that the biggest risk is that Tehran or Hezbollah do it themselves.
  • Where will the attack take place within Israel?: One was an attack on the Golan Heights, and the other was Dimona, where Israel's nuclear power plants are rumored to be located.

However, it is leaking that Iran itself will be measured in its response to avoid dragging the Middle East into war. In governance, they were always pragmatists. After all, the reasons for his withdrawal from the war have not changed to this day: It does not want to risk its nuclear facilities, or its ambitions to restore the deal on its nuclear programNor does it jeopardize Hezbollah's strategic position in Lebanon.

Is there a chance that Iran will not attack? He is now calling for an end to the war in Gaza, if only behind the scenes. If he confirms such a deal – since Israel will not accept it – he will be out of trouble. He would preserve his prestige as the leading force of the Axis resistance in Israel.

For now, he is called upon to respond:

  • to restore its deterrent power
  • Not to show armed arms that he is a coward Against his first opponent
  • And So don't show weaknessHis position is precarious due to the social upheaval of economic problems caused by Western economic sanctions and oppression of the people.

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